Britain’s Got Talent: Semi-Final Three Predictions – Loveable Rogues, Twist and Pulse, The Zimmers to shine?

by Matt D

So far I’ve done well with my predictions as my top three selections have been spot on however there have been some obvious contenders up to this point so I’m not sure what will happen as we progress. That’s mainly because after two strong showings we’re into the mid-week semi-finals which are traditionally fairly mixed bag events that always provoke a couple of surprises. Without further ado here are my predictions for Tuesday’s show.

1. Loveable Rogues (Singers)
I feel there’s no contest here between this trio of likely lads and the rest of tonight’s semi-finalists. Though at times I thought they were airing on the wrong side of smug their combination of winning personality and incredible talent created a thoroughly enjoyable audition. Their track of choice was a self-penned number ‘Lovesick’ which to me blended elements of Madness and Ed Sheerhan together to create a very British sound which is surely what this contest is about.

2. Twist and Pulse Dance Company (Street Dance)
I still feel that second place is up for grabs in this semi-final however my second choice would be the pupils of former runners-up in the competition Twist and Pulse. While their routine lacked a bit of the comedy that their teachers had I found them to be more of a polished act overall. As I’ve said in these predictions after watching UWS on Sunday night it does all depend on the routine but out of all the Street Dance crews left in the contest I feel that it’s these guys who have the best shot.

3. The Zimmers (Comedy Singers)
Though I’ve previously said it’s hard for novelty acts to make it further than the semi-finals I’m going to make an exception for this game gang of OAPs who shocked the nation when they went all gangster with their Beastie Boys routine. I feel that the public will vote for The Zimmers for representing old people in a positive light and showing the nation that their not quite ready to leave us just yet. I just hope their routine provokes the same element of surprise as their audition piece did.

4. Molly Rainford (Singer)
For me personally there are far too many singers who have been put through to this semi-final purely because of their age and unfortunately Molly is one of those singers. There’s no denying that she’s a stunning singer however there was nothing special about her song choice and I found she was a tad stage school for my liking. Based on the fact the much more versatile Lauren Thalia didn’t make the final then I’m saying Molly will just miss out also but I find most youngsters have a chance in the contest so I won’t rule her out just yet.

5. Ashley Elliot (Xylophone Player)
Simon Cowell doesn’t like German beer festivals or at least that’s the abiding memory I have of Ashley Elliot’s audition playing his xylophone. In fact poor old Ashley got two buzzers in his first round despite his xylophone routine being fairly competent it seemed Alesha just didn’t get it while it reminded Simon of those aforementioned festivals. Ashley himself seems like an amiable chap but as Michael Fish, the percussionist not the weatherman, showed us tonight is that solo musicians don’t really work in the live semi-finals.

6. Area 51 (Variety/Dance)
It’s hard to actually describe Area 51’s act from the brief clip we saw via a montage on Saturday’s show however they are probably the only act in BGT history to contain two CO2 Girls. A Globot show will certainly be a spectacular however their lack of build-up prior to the semi-finals means that their journey has unfortunately got to end here.

7. Lucky (Guitarist/Contortionist)
Also shown in the same montage as Area 51, Lucky’s act was based on an element of surprise in so much as she began contorting her body while singing and strumming away on her guitar. For me it is one of those acts that seems great the first time you see it but doesn’t really stand up to repeat viewings although she may well prove me wrong on the night.

8. Honey Shazad (Singer)
I honestly can’t really call this one as I can’t find any evidence of Honey’s audition where she apparently sung Papa Was a Rolling Stone and Alesha told her she had raw talent. In fact most of what I know about her is from her time as a hopeful on The X-Factor in which she engaged in a row with Kitty Brucknell. Though Honey may do well on Tuesday night the fact that her audition hasn’t even aired means we have little reason to care for her and to me she seems like another also-ran before she’s even performed.

9. Dennis Egel (Impressionist)
But even though I haven’t actually seen Honey’s performance I doubt anybody could be as bad as Dennis the German man who was dressed as a gold Quality Street sung a bit of Evanesence and then sprouted wings. Like with a few of the novelty acts in this year’s contest Dennis is certainly a one hit wonder however that hit will tire during this semi-final and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a few buzzers during his turn here.

Do you agree with my choices? Who are your favourites in this line-up? Leave Your Comments Below