Britain’s Got Talent: Semi-Final Two Predictions – Charlotte and Jonathan, Paige Turley, Kai and Natalia to shine?

by Matt D

Didn’t do too badly there did I? The two acts I picked went through even though a bit of a curveball was thrown in the form of The Mend I’m guessing they’ll go through on that wildcard technicality. Anyway here are my predictions for how well I think Monday’s semi-finalists will do.

1. Charlotte and Jonathan (Opera Singers)
I think this one is pretty obvious as overweight opera singer Jonathan Antoine dazzled with an unexpected voice coming out of this blatantly fragile exterior. Refreshingly when Simon asked Jonathan to ditch his singing partner Charlotte Jackson he stuck with his friend which in my opinion was the right decision as she was also very talented and they complimented each other very well. With the combination of talent and likeability there’s no doubt in my mind that the public will vote in their droves for this pair plus there is little competition for the top spot in this semi-final so as I said before this one is Charlotte and Jonathan’s to lose.

2. Paige Turley (Singer)
Apart from Charlotte and Jonathan there are a few acts that could snag a place in the final but for my second choice I’m going to go for 14 year old Scottish singer Paige. The unusual song choice of ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver along with a fantastic vocal makes her, in my opinion, one of the stronger of the young female vocalists left in the competition. The only thing that could count against her is the fact that the most-voted for act on the night will be a pair of singers so the public may well want a dance act in the final instead and once again they’re not spoilt for choice.

3. Kai and Natalia (Ballroom Dancers)
Again this one is very close but the synchronicity between these two young ballroom dancers blew me away in their audition and the fact that they train every day came through in their routine. Personally I thought their act was captivating and most importantly, at least from a Simon Cowell perspective, is that it was a relevant routine. It is often either street dance or novelty routines that do well on this show so it’ll be interesting to see how well ballroom goes with the Britain’s Got Talent home audience however if Kai and Natalia are as good they were in their audition then I think they’re in with a shot.

4. Four Corners (Street Dance)
Originally I had this street dance troupe higher in my list however after seeing UWS tonight its clear that it’s hard to judge a crew like this on their audition piece alone. This large group of men’s unique selling point was the flame-haired Yasmin who dazzled while all her men danced around her. Like a lot of us I think we’re fed up with street dance however I feel that at least one of these groups will make the final with Four Corners perhaps being that act.

5. Cascade (Stunt Team)
I personally think these French stuntmen were very talented at what they do, however I’m not sure it’s the type of act that has that much longevity. In addition will a bunch of guys pretending to hit each other really be able to get public votes, even if the men in question do have their tops off? I guess at the end of the day it’s down to how spectacular their semi-final routine is but even if they put on a great show they haven’t been given much build-up and for that reason I don’t think they’ll make it into the final.

6. The Showbears (Cabaret)
I feel that this ultra-camp group of faux sailors need to go on stage first to warm the crowd up as there’s no doubt their routine was entertaining but in terms of the semi-finals there’s no chance in hell of them progressing any further. I do feel though that they’ll have a ton of bookings following the show and gain a Stavros Flatley level of fame that should keep them in work for a while.

7. Karizma Krew (Street Dance)
The second and less memorable street dance act in this semi-final Karizma Krew have also got the fact that Simon Cowell wasn’t impressed by their leader’s involvement in the group so gave them a no. To be fair to Karizma Krew their routine did have its moments but it was overly gimmicky and to an extent I do agree with Simon that lead choreographer Tim doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the group.

8. Graham Blackeridge (Organist)
A man who is more entertaining that his actual act, Graham is the Northern guy who was acting the fool during his audition and when he got to the organ to play La Bamba it was fairly underwhelming. The fact that Graham’s semi-final act won’t see him messing around before he gets to his act means that a lot of people will forget why he got through in the first place.

9. Fish on Percussion (Drummer)
The only act in this semi-final to be featured in a montage on the main show I’ve had to put Michael Fish aka Fish on Percussion in last place even though he is more talented that a lot of the acts above him. I think the fact that Analiza Ching didn’t even feature in tonight’s Top 3 proves that unless you got a lot of screen time during the audition stages people won’t care about you in the live shows. That’s a shame as I’ve watched a few of Michael’s videos on YouTube and he really is a unique act so at very least he might be able to get some form of exposure via his appearance on the show.

What do you think of my predictions? Who will you be voting for in this semi-final? Leave Your Comments Below.