British Academy Television Awards 2012: Predictions – Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hollander, Harry Hill, This is England, Educating Essex to win?

by Matt D

So on Sunday night the great and good of British TV will descend on London for the annual back-slapping extravaganza this is the TV Baftas. Last year saw such classic shows as This is England ’86, Sherlock, Rev and er… The Only Way is Essex pick up awards with Sir Trevor McDonald being honoured with the Fellowship which this year will go to Rolf Harris. The other winners though are yet to be decided so here is your handy guide to what should win, what will win and what should’ve been in with a shout.

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Nominees: Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock), Joseph Gilgun (This is England ’88), John Simm (Exile), Dominic West (Appropriate Adult)
Should Win: Though this is a strong category for me it has to be West’s shocking portrayal of Fred West as a man who came across as charming as he was psychopathic.
Will Win: I have a feeling that it will be Cumberbatch as he was cruelly snubbed last year plus it will make up for Sherlock not being nominated elsewhere.
Should’ve Been Nominated: I will harp on elsewhere about The Shadow Line so here I will offer up the fact that Ashley Walters utterly compelling turn in Top Boy should probably have been considered here as should’ve Jason Isaacs in Case Histories for me a much more controlled performance than the actor gives in already cancelled US drama Awake.

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Nominees: Romola Gari (The Crimson Petal and The White), Vicky McClure (This is England ’88), Nadine Marshall (Random), Emily Watson (Appropriate Adult)
Should Win: I personally feel McClure should get back-to-back BAFTAs for playing the tortured Lol who since the last This is England instalment had become a single mum.
Will Win: I think that if West doesn’t win than the award here will definitely go to Watson who was fantastic as the titular appropriate adult Janet Leach.
Should’ve Been Nominated: All the actresses here are nominated for performances in single dramas or serials where are those who have played their character across an entire series such as Maxine Peake in Silk and either Suranne Jones or Lesley Sharp in Scott and Bailey also I would’ve like to have seen newcomer Jayde Johnson for the underrated The Field of Blood.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Nominees: Martin Freeman (Sherlock), Joseph Mawle (Birdsong), Stephen Rea (The Shadow Line), Andrew Scott (Sherlock)
Should Win: There’s no other option surely than to give it to Rea as the terrifying and captivating Gatehouse who was one of the many highlights of the critically under-nominated The Shadow Line.
Will Win: If Rea doesn’t win it the only other person I could see winning is Andrew Scott for putting a new spin on Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis Moriarty.
Should’ve Been Nominated: There was Johnny Harris in The Fades and Neil Stuke in Silk however the biggest oversight has to once again come from The Shadow Line as Rafe Spall should feature here for playing the psychopathic cat-murderer Jay Wratten.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Nominees: Anna Chancellor (The Hour), Monica Dolan (Appropriate Adult), Miranda Hart (Call the Midwife), Maggie Smith (Downton Abbbey)
Should Win: Monica Dolan gave a fantastically accurate turn as Rose West and I personally feel hers is the strongest performance in this list.
Will Win: I think it probably will be Miranda Hart for being the standout in BBC1’s ratings hit Call the Midwife however if she’s there it may be Maggie Smith for utterly inhabiting the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey.
Should’ve Been Nominated: For me Amelia Bulmore gives one of the best turns on TV at the moment as Scott and Bailey’s boss Gill in the ITV1 cop drama I also would’ve like to have seen Olivia Coleman to appear here rather than in the comedy category as she was by far the best thing about Exile playing John Simm’s put-upon sister.

Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme
Nominees: Hugh Bonneville (Twenty Twelve), Darren Boyd (Spy), Tom Hollander (Rev), Brendan O’Carroll (Mrs Brown’s Boys)
Should Win: I’m torn between Bonneville’s David Cameron like turn as head of Olympic Deliverance Ian Fletcher and Hollander’s sympathetic but realistic reverend Adam.
Will Win: I think it will be Hollander but I wouldn’t discount Boyd as he won the Comedy Award for his role as the hapless MI6 agent late last year.
Should’ve Been Nominated: Russell Tovey for the brilliant Him and Her plus Paul Ritter is just as funny as Tamsin Greig in Friday Night Dinner.

Best Female Performance in a Comedy Programme
Nominees: Olivia Colman (Twenty Twelve), Tamsin Greig (Friday Night Dinner), Ruth Jones (Stella), Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous)
Should Win: Though it wasn’t a fully comic turn Ruth Jones’ warm single mother Stella proved that she was more than just Nessa from Gavin and Stacey.
Will Win: In my mind Jones is the favourite however it could be Saunders for successfully rejuvenating the dreadful Edina Monsoon.
Should’ve Been Nominated: As I mentioned Tovey I also have to big up Sarah Solemani an equally important part of Him and Her also I don’t understand why Olivia Colman’s supporting performance in Twenty Twelve ahead of Jessica Hynes who is surely the funniest thing in that programme also we can’t forget the brilliant Ramona Marquez in Outnumbered possibly not nominated here due to her age.

Best Entertainment Performance
Nominees: Alan Carr (Chatty Man), Harry Hill (TV Burp), Graham Norton (Graham Norton Show), Dara O’Briain (Mock the Week)
Should Win: This is a tough one as all four make me laugh however I’ve always championed Alan Carr so I’m going to continue here.
Will Win: I think it’s probably going to be Hill as he has just finished his last series of TV Burp.
Should’ve Been Nominated: I’d like to see Paul Merton here as he always makes me laugh on Have I Got News For You but this is a fairly accurate list.

Best Single Drama
Nominees: Holy Flying Circus, Page Eight, Random, Stolen
Should Win: Of the four my favourite was definitely Holy Flying Circus the story of the hullabaloo that erupted after Monty Python released Life of Brian.
Will Win: Holy Flying Circus will be in with a shot however the classy Page Eight may just nab it.
Should’ve Been Nominated: There’s not much that springs to mind however Morse prequel Endeavour was fairly well produced and engaging.

Best Mini Series
Nominees: Appropriate Adult, The Crimson Petal and The White, This is England ’88, Top Boy
Should Win: This is probably the toughest category of the night but for me I think This is England ’88 just takes it ahead of Appropriate Adult for me however every one of these shows deserves recognition.
Will Win: This is England is in with a shout after not getting a nomination last year however I think this one will go to Appropriate Adult.
Should’ve Been Nominated: Something that jumps straight out at me is the weird and wonderful Black Mirror however I feel that that hasn’t been included as BAFTA found it hard to put it in one specific category also I find it strange that Exile hasn’t been featured seeing as John Simm has got a nomination for it.

Best Drama Series
Nominees: The Fades, Misfits, Scott and Bailey, Spooks
Should Win: As it has already been cancelled I’d like to see some love for BBC3’s coming-of-age horror series The Fades which felt unique and original as I felt i was something that you rarely see on the BBC.
Will Win: Misfits is the bookies’ favourite to win this one however I’m inclined to go for Spooks just so it can be honoured as a series after all as it aired its final episode last year.
Should’ve Been Nominated: There’s a big argument about why Sherlock isn’t here and I agree however I think it has to do with the number of episodes that were produced early in the year. Sherlock aside this is where I can harp on about the lack of The Shadow Line which definitely counts as a drama, there were seven episodes overall, and was by far the best thing on TV last year. Downton Abbey not featuring in the list has also been seen as controversial as some seeing as it has one a number of international TV awards yet it hasn’t won a BAFTA as of yet.

Best Soap and Continuing Drama
Nominees: Coronation Street, Eastenders, Holby City, Shameless
Should Win: I’m not a big watcher of this genre of programme however I am forced by my mother to watch Holby City on a regular basis and I have to admit it is rather entertaining so I’ll go for that.
Will Win: I reckon it’ll probably be Corrie.
Should’ve Been Nominated: I don’t know if it would fit into this category but I actually quite like Waterloo Road as it has a strong cast as well as some interesting storylines.

Best Situation Comedy
Nominees: Fresh Meat, Friday Night Dinner, Mrs Brown’s Boys, Rev
Should Win: Out of the four I’d say that Fresh Meat was my favourite as this university-set comedy was both funny and touching.
Will Win: I think Rev could take it again but as long as the woeful Mrs Brown’s Boys doesn’t win then I’ll be happy.
Should’ve Been Nominated: There’s a long list of shows that have been left out and at the top of that list has to be the excellent Psychoville but also Him and Her in addition I’m a little bemused that Twenty Twelve has been left out of the list seeing as it has a couple of nominations in the acting categories.

Best Comedy Programme
Nominees: Charlie Brooker’s 2011 Wipe, Comic Strip: The Hunt for Tony Blair, Cricklewood Greats, Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle
Should Win: An interesting group of programmes here and of the four I’d like to see Peter Capaldi’s spoof documentary about a British film studio win this one.
Will Win: I’m really not sure it could be Charlie Brooker however BAFTA may just give it to Stewart Lee to wind him up.
Should’ve Been Nominated: Brooker is here for his 2011 Wipe however maybe his other programme, 10 o’clock Live, would’ve been a better choice to fill out this category.

Best Entertainment Programme
Nominees: Celebrity Juice, Derren Brown: The Experiments, Harry Hill’s TV Burp, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow
Should Win: Of the four I think Harry Hill’s TV Burp is the best of the bunch so I’d pick that.
Will Win: The smart money is on TV Burp winning just because it was the final series however I wouldn’t rule out the staggeringly popular Celebrity Juice.
Should’ve Been Nominated: As they’re both featured in the entertainment performance category I would say that both Alan Carr and Graham Norton’s chat shows should’ve been here.

Best International Programme
Nominees: Borgen, The Killing II, Modern Family, The Slap
Should Win: This is hard for me as I loved all of these, with the possible exception of The Slap, but I think Borgen was just a little bit stronger than the second series of The Killing.
Will Win: As The Killing won last year it may be Borgen however I’ve got a small feeling that Modern Family could take it.
Should’ve Been Nominated: It’s such a vast category however two Sky Atlantic shows, Treme and Game of Thrones, spring to mind as possible contenders.

Best Factual Series
Nominees: The Choir: Military Wives, Educating Essex, Our War, Protecting Our Children
Should Win: There’s no doubt in my mind that the brilliant Educating Essex should win this one as it really showed what life as a standard school is really like.
Will Win: Educating Essex has to be the strong favourite however the incredibly popular Military Wives could be in with a chance.
Should’ve Been Nominated: My favourite documentary of last year was 24 Hours in A&E but the fact a second series is showing at the moment gives me confidence that it might get a look in next year.

Best Features
Nominees: DIY SOS: The Big Build, Hairy Bikers: Meals on Wheels, The Great British Bake-Off, Timothy Spall: Somewhere at Sea
Should Win: I feel as it delivered some of BBC2’s strongest ratings that The Bake-Off should win it just for being terribly middle class.
Will Win: I can’t see anyone beating The Bake-Off
Should’ve Been Nominated: I’m not sure if it’s within the period that BAFTA has looked at but Michel Roux’s Service was a really great show.

Best Reality or Constructed Factual
Nominees: An Idiot Abroad, Don’t Tell the Bride, Made in Chelsea, Young Apprentice
Should Win: I would like to see it go to Young Apprentice as I found that a very entertaining show and a lot less annoying that the adult version
Will Win: Made in Chelsea would be the logical choice however Karl Pilkington’s acceptance speech would be amazing if he won for An Idiot Abroad.
Should’ve Been Nominated: It seems odd that The Only Way is Essex isn’t nominated after its win last year and also because it started the whole constructed reality genre in the first place.

YouTube Audience Award
Nominees: Celebrity Juice, Educating Essex, Fresh Meat, Frozen Planet, The Great British Bake-Off, Sherlock
Should Win: For me it’s Educating Essex as that’s what I voted for however Sherlock is possibly the best programme on this list.
Will Win: I initially saw it as a two horse race between Sherlock and Celebrity Juice however The Great British Bake-Off could sneak in and take it.
Should’ve Been Nominated: It seems odd that some bigger ratings hits like Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey haven’t been chosen in what is supposedly an award for the British public’s favourite show.

My predictions are rarely right but there’s only one way to find out how wrong I am and this is to tune in tonight at 8pm on BBC1.

Who do you think will win BAFTAs tonight? What do you think of my predictions? Leave your comments below.