British Soap Awards 2013: Why Emmerdale should win big this year!

by Anna Howell


It is that time of year again, time to cast your vote in this year’s British Soap Awards as the six categories open to the general public have revealed their short list nominations.

The British Soap Awards, due to take place next month, is your chance to voice your appreciation for your favourite actresses and actors in the world of the Great British Soap Opera.

This year see’s the usual suspects, but also offers the opportunity to give some departing stars the best send-off possible, for awarding them for their part.

Nominated for Sexiest Male and Sexiest Female are former married couple Natalie Anderson and Matthew Wolfenden who play Alicia Gallagher and David Metcalfe respectively. Fans of the hit ITV soap have watched Alicia’s heartbreak whilst David has been planning his wedding to Priya (Fiona Wade).

david, priya, alicia, EMMERDALE_01

With a stiff upper lip she has soldiered through her emotions making her even more adorable to viewers, and David it has been noticed with everyone hoping that he realises he loves her too before he walks Priya down the aisle. After all, they are the sexiest couple on the soap!

Up for the award of Best Actress is Lucy Pargeter who plays Chas Dingle. Lucy’s performance whilst her character was being attacked by, and subsequently killed (ish) Carl King (Tom Lister) would have been award-worthy anyway, but the fact that it came on live TV makes this nomination particularly deserving.

Emmerdale live episode ITV/PA Wire

Up for best Actor is Lucy’s on-screen brother Jeff Hordley. Jeff’s portrayal of Cain Dingle has been flawless throughout the 13 years he has played him, but this year he has delivered a different, almost more human side to the rough and ready thug like character.

cain dingle, moira barton, emmerdale

Fans have seen recently how Cain has developed real feelings for someone who he isn’t actually related to, and we were all shocked and moved to see his heartbreak when Moira (Natalie J Robb) miscarried their baby with a performance that was indeed worthy of this award.

cameron murray, carl king, emmerdale

Up for Villain of the Year is Dominic Power. Dominic brought Cameron Murray to our screens as a bit of a slime ball. Already having cheated on his wife with Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb), it seemed that, whilst being a bit slithery, he was harmless enough. That was until Carl King attempted to blackmail him over his affair with Debbie’s aunt Chas. He then proved to us all just how dark his character is by finishing off Carl after Chas had hit him and left him for dead, and then sitting back and letting her confess to his murder believing it was her blow that had killed him. Since then he has gone on to kill Alex (Kurtis Stacey) as well as kidnapping Robbie (Jamie Shelton).


As with all the mainstream soaps, Emmerdale is up for the top prize of Soap of the Year, and after their epic 40th anniversary live episode it is clear to see why they should be a front runner for this award this year.

The live episode, which was an hour in length, went off without a single hitch. Including more scenes, locations (two of which had to be purposely built for the occasion as the studio was too far to jump from scenes) and cast than any other attempt at a live episode, Emmerdale Live showed two weddings, two (incredibly spectacularly acted) births and a murder – there weren’t any huge stunts, but the writing and acting of the episode meant it really didn’t need any. And besides, they didn’t really have anything to prove after hosting the first ever soap festival a few weeks before!

To vote for Emmerdale click here!

The full list of shortlisted nominations are as follows:

SEXIEST MALE (Last year’s winner was Scott Maslen – EastEnders)

Coronation Street: Chris Fountain (Tommy Duckworth)

Eastenders: David Witts (Joey Branning)

Emmerdale: Matthew Wolfenden (David Metcalfe)

Hollyoaks: Danny Mac (Dodger Savage)

Hollyoaks: Kieron Richardson (Ste Hay)

SEXIEST FEMALE (Last year’s winner was Michelle Keegan – Coronation Street)

Coronation Street: Georgia May Foote (Katy Armstrong)

Coronation Street: Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre)

EastEnders: Jacqueline Jossa (Lauren Branning)

Emmerdale: Natalie Anderson (Alicia Metcalfe)

Hollyoaks: Jorgie Porter (Theresa McQueen)

VILLAIN OF THE YEAR (Last year’s winner was Andrew Lancel -Coronation Street)

Coronation Street: Natalie Gumede (Kirsty Soames)

Coronation Street: Nigel Havers (Lewis Archer)

EastEnders: Jamie Foreman (Derek Branning)

Emmerdale: Dominic Power (Cameron Murray)

Hollyoaks: Emmett J Scanlan (Brendan Brady)

BEST ACTOR (Last year’s winner was Danny Miller – Emmerdale)

Coronation Street: Alan Halsall (Tyrone Dobbs)

EastEnders: Nitin Ganatra (Masood Ahmed)

EastEnders: Shane Richie (Alfie moon)

Emmerdale: Jeff Hordley (Cain Dingle)

Hollyoaks: Emmett J Scanlan (Brendan Brady)

BEST ACTRESS (Last year’s winner was Alison King – Coronation Street)

Coronation Street: Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre)

Coronation Street: Jennie McAlpine (Fiz Stape)

EastEnders: Nina Wadia (Zainab Khan)

EastEnders: Jessie Wallace (Kat Moon)

Hollyoaks: Claire Cooper (Jacqui McQueen)

BEST BRITISH SOAP (Last year’s winner was EastEnders)

Coronation Street

The Final Five Panel Nominations

BEST COMEDY PERFORMANCE (Last years winner was Stephanie Cole – Coronation Street)

Coronation Street: Patti Clare (Mary Taylor)

Doctors: Ian Kelsey (Howard Bellamy)

EastEnders: Ricky Norwood (Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubb)

Emmerdale: Dominic Brunt (Paddy Kirk)

Hollyoaks: Nicole Barber-Lane (Myra McQueen)

BEST DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE (Last year’s winner was Jo Joyner – EastEnders)

Coronation Street: Natalie Gumede (Kirsty Soames)

Doctors: Dido Miles (Dr. Emma Reid)

EastEnders: Jo Joyner (Tanya Cross)

Emmerdale: Lucy Pargeter (Chas Spencer)

Hollyoaks: Claire Cooper (Jacqui McQueen)

BEST YOUNG PERFORMANCE (Last year’s winner was Lorna Fitzgerald – Eastenders)

Coronation Street: Ellie Leach (Faye Windass)

EastEnders: Maisie Smith (Tiffany Butcher)

Emmerdale: Eden Taylor-Draper (Belle Dingle)

Hollyoaks: Ellis Hollins (Tom Osborne)

BEST EXIT (Last year’s winner was Katherine Kelly – Coronation Street)

Coronation Street: Nigel Havers (Lewis Archer)

Doctors: Lu Corfield (Dr. Freya Wilson)

EastEnders: Jamie Foreman (Derek Branning)

Emmerdale: Tom Lister (Carl King)

Hollyoaks: Emmett J Scanlan (Brendan Brady)

BEST NEWCOMER (Last year’s winner was Natalie Gumede – Coronation Street)

Coronation Street: Marc Baylis (Rob Donovan)

Doctors: Ian Midlane (Dr. Al Haskey)

EastEnders: Khali Best (Dexter Hartman)

Emmerdale: Laura Norton (Kerry Wyatt)

Hollyoaks: Joseph Thompson (Dr. Paul Browning)

BEST ON-SCREEN PARTNERSHIP (Last year’s winner was Jo Joyner & Jake Wood – Eastenders)

Coronation Street: Jennie McAlpine & Alan Halsall

(Fiz Stape & Tyrone Dobbs)

Doctors: Matthew Chambers & Elisabeth Dermot Walsh

(Dr. Daniel Granger & Dr. Zara Carmichael)

EastEnders: Nitin Ganatra & Nina Wadia

(Masood Ahmed & Zainab Khan)

Emmerdale: Lucy Pargeter & Dominic Power

(Chas Spencer & Cameron Murray)

Hollyoaks: Emmett J Scanlan & Kieron Richardson

(Brendan Brady & Ste Hay)

BEST STORYLINE (Last year’s winner was Jackson’s Choice – Emmerdale)

Coronation Street: Kirsty’s Abuse of Tyrone

Doctors: Sam’s Assisted Suicide

EastEnders: The Demise of Derek Branning

Emmerdale: Zak’s Depression

Hollyoaks: Esther’s Bullying

SPECTACULAR SCENE OF THE YEAR (Last year’s winner was John & Moira’s car accident – Emmerdale)

Coronation Street: The Rovers Fire

Doctors: Julia’s Car Crash

EastEnders: The Olympic Torch Comes Live to Walford

Emmerdale: Cain’s Clifftop Rescue of Zak

Hollyoaks: The Bus Crash

BEST SINGLE EPISODE (Last year’s winner was Becky’s final farewell – Coronation Street)

Coronation Street: Kirsty’s Treachery ends in Tyrone’s Arrest

Doctors: The Scales – Sam’s Assisted Suicide

EastEnders: The Identity of Kat’s Lover is Revealed

Emmerdale: Emmerdale 40th Anniversary – Live Episode

Hollyoaks: The Bus Crash

To be announced on the night: