Britney Spears caught lip-syncing to Sia’s voice!

by Emily H
britney spears

Britney Spears Vegas

Oops! She did it again.

Britney Spears has found herself in the middle of another round of lip-sync drama. It’s no surprise to anyone now that Spears lip-syncs (or at least sings to track) during her live concerts, but during one of her most recent Las Vegas residency ‘Piece of Me’ shows, fans got more than they bargained for.

As the ‘Hold It Against Me’ singer launched into her latest single ‘Perfume’, there appeared to be a sound malfunction in the arena, which resulted in fans of the blonde beauty hearing Sia’s (who co-wrote the track with Spears) vocals – not hers.

Whilst fans could very faintly hear the ‘Crossroads’ star live vocals along with the track, it was reportedly clear to everyone at the show that the loudest voice singing the song did not belong to the Louisiana native.

Britney Spears

Though there’s not an official full-length version of Sia’s voice only available for fans to download, we do know that snippets of Sia’s recording have been cut with Spears’ to form a duet. Therefore, it’s more than likely that Sia demo’d the track in it’s entirety after it was written, and her version is being kept under wraps.

Our theory is that Spears uses Sia’s version of the track as an in-ear guide when she performs the song live (as it’s surely easier to sing along to someone else’s voice than your own), and an unfortunate mix-up saw the wrong version blasted out to ‘Piece of Me’ concert goers on the night.

Watch a short Instagram clip of the slip-up below, and then take a listen to a version that mixes Spears’ and Sia’s studio vocals.

Do you think that’s Britney singing over Sia’s voice? Tell us your thoughts on Brit’s latest lip-sync oopsie in the comments section.