Britney Spears to reveal ‘big news’ on Good Morning America tomorrow

by Martin


Britney Spears is set to appear on ‘Good Morning America’ tomorrow morning (17th of September) to make a huge announcement to the world.

Yesterday we reported that her new single ‘Work B****’ had been leaked online ahead of its official launch today (16th of September) and some are speculating that we could see more leaks as the week continues.

Britney Spears took to Twitter earlier today to tell all her followers – all (almost) 32 million of them that they have to tune into Good Morning America tomorrow morning as she has something huge to share with the world:


Adam Leber, Britney Spears manager posted several tweets about the release of ‘Work B****’ in the UK:

Last Friday on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man on Channel 4 popstar Miley Cyrus spoke about Britney Spears during her interview regarding a collaboration coming up on Cyrus’ new album saying it had been spoke about for a while:

”Well, we’ve been trying to work together and I felt like there had to be that right time, and after ‘We Can’t Stop’ came out, she called and said how much she loved the song.”


“At first she heard the song and she didn’t know it was me, and then she watched the video and just sort of fell in love with the video.”

Make sure you tune into ‘Good Morning America’ for the news tomorrow but if you can’t then stick with us as we’ll have it all as it happens so you won’t miss a thing.

In the meantime listen to the official version of ‘Work B****’ below which leaked yesterday.