Broadchurch Series 2 Spoilers: Olivia Colman slams sneaky Chris Chibnall!

by Anna Howell


Ever since the first series of Broadchurch finished, revealing that a second series would follow next year, there has been much speculation about the format.

Because, of course, the reason Broadchurch, which solved the mystery of an eleven year old boy murdered in the sleepy seaside town he lived, was such a success was because the incident was so shocking.

There had been talk of series 2 being a prequel but then when ITV started releasing teaser trailers showing another mystery in store for series 2, which is due to hit screens next week, people started to dread that the show was being turned into another Midsomer Murders!

But now the show’s writer, Chris Chibnall has spoken out to quash this theory, with Radio Times quoting him as saying:

“People have said, ‘Don’t turn it into Midsomer Murders in Broadchurch’. We have nodded in that direction. It’s not Midsomer in Broadchurch.

“I promise we do not start with the discovery of another body beneath the cliffs.”


On the subject of the murder of Danny Latimer being a unique concept in the town of Broadchurch, Chibnall insisted that he would “not betray” that undercurrent, explaining:

“That’s always been my pact with the viewer – this (Danny’s murder) is an unusual event that has massive repercussions.”
Finally the writer, who also wrote the US version of the show Gracepoint, went on to tease that the “feel of the show is slightly different this time” whilst warning us that “Grief is not our driving emotion this year.”

Sounds like he has a few tricks up his sleeve then!

And that is precisely what one of the show’s main stars, Olivia Colman, has been exclaiming as she has branded the writer a “sneaky b*****d”!

broadchurch ellie miller olivia colman

Discussing the new series in a recent interview with Glamour, the actress, whose character was one of the detectives hunting the murderer (who turned out to be her own husband) in series one, has been explaining the change of direction for series 2, with the magazine quoting her as saying:

“You find out very early on in the first episode which direction it’s going in and it’s an instant, ‘Whoooa!’

“Chris set up a lot of things that we never even thought about in the first series… At the read-through we were going, ‘You sneaky b*****d’.”
We can’t wait!

Broadchurch returns on Monday January 5th at 9pm on ITV1 / ITV1 HD – Watch the full, official trailer for the new series in the clip below: