Bullseye star Jim Bowen could be planning a TV comeback as a Pope lookalike!

jim bowen, the pope

Fans of the once hugely popular game show Bullseye of course lamented its passing in 1995, and host Jim Bowen was of course also missed when the show ended its long run…

However, the good news is that Jim may well be about to make a comeback to showbiz as a Pope lookeylikey, because the resemblance between Jim and the new Pope is indeed remarkable.

The Daily Star today reports, “Thousands of Facebookers and Twitter users reckon the comic is the spitting image of newly-elected Francis I.”

Of the prospect of a new career as the Pope’s twin, Jim said, “My daughter rang me and she told me to look on the internet.

“There were hundreds of people saying I looked like the Pope and I agree.

“I just couldn’t believe how simiilar we look – it’s a super, smashing, great resemblance!

“Bullseye has had an additional 9,000 ‘likes’ on our Facebook page since the Pope was revealed, which is just mind-blowing.”

jim bowen, bullseye

The astounding familiarity between the new Pope and Jim was already trending on Twitter when the white smoke emerged from the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel in Rome, which of course signalled the appointment of Argentinian Jorge Bergoglio.

The paper adds, “Within minutes, thousands of fans posted mocked-up pics on Twitter and Jim’s Wikipedia page was even cheekily edited to state he currently ‘serves as the 266th Pope’.”

I wonder if anyone whispered to the other candidates, “Look what y’coulda won…”

Anywho, in the course of my serious journalistic endeavour, I found this awesome video on YouTube…

Good times…

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