Transform is the UK’s biggest provider of cosmetic surgery.

Whether it’s Botox, breast enlargement or liposuction, they have it covered. Over three months of extensive filming, the documentary makers were granted access to every trim, tighten, nip and tuck carried out across the network of Transform hospitals and clinics. Last year Transform performed over £40 million worth of business and they pride themselves in having taken plastic surgery to the masses.

If you think the answer to your problems is changing the way you look, then it’s more than likely that Transform’s 280 full time staff will be happy to help. Like any business, Transform has to constantly come up with new products and find different ways to bring new clients in. This engaging and quirky documentary explores a world where staff, as well as patients, enjoy the treatments in order to become anything from glossier and perkier, to younger and thicker haired, and above all, happier version of themselves.

The surgeons, patient consultants and sales and marketing teams describe how they try to keep Transform ahead of the game. Dr Steven Kaldor started out as a dentist but branched into ‘facial aesthetics’ six years ago in search of a more varied and artistic job. A huge advocate of Botox and facial fillers, Dr Steve admits to regularly self-injecting. Dr Mabroor Bhatti heads up one of the fastest growing areas for Transform: self-donor hair transplants, which are up 20% year on year. Dr Bhatti performed 120 transplants last year, using the strip harvest technique, which requires a section of scalp to be removed from the back of the patient’s head. He thinks it is an investment worth making as you can spend £10,000 on a car which will lose value, but you can spend £5000 on a hair transplant and the value will keep increasing as ‘you get a holistic change in your life.’ Bums, Boobs and Botox also tells the stories of some of the patients who pass through its doors, all hoping to change their lives for the better by going under the knife.

Thirty-three-year-old Eric Worjnyk is the manager of fast food restaurant, and says he is slave to his hair loss. He never leaves his house without his baseball cap and has found a social life daunting since he lost his hair, so has decided to go through with a hair transplant operation. Manchester bar manager Scott Hamilton has always hated his nose and is about to undergo a rhinoplasty operation. He says: ‘Although my mum says I look lovely, she also says I look like Barbara Streisand.’ Emma Toolan recently got divorced and is a regular client of Transform’s non-surgical facial clinics. She’s now determined to have a full face lift at the age of 37.

Thursday 2nd June, 10PM, Channel 4