Campus: The new ‘Green Wing’ coming to Channel 4 (spoilers & promo clip)

Campus returns to Channel Four this April and looks set to be one of it’s big comedy hits of the year.

The pilot of the university based sitcom first aired in November 2009, as part of the channel’s Comedy Showcase season and was so well received that bosses later commissioned a six episode series.

So what’s it all about? Campus is set in the home of academic mediocrity that is Kirke University.

The cast is led by writer, actor and magician (yes, that’s right he’s close pals with Derren Brown) Andy Nyman, who plays the role of mercurial, volatile Vice Chancellor Jonty de Wolfe. The power hungry pencil pusher wants desperately to push Kirke to greatness, but his staff, students and unethical work strategies seem to thwart him at every turn.

After senior mathematics lecturer Imogen Moffat (Lisa Jackson) publishes a best selling hit book titled The True Story of Zero, Jonty sees a chance give the university’s bank balance and academic reputation a bit of a boost and tries to force his English literature professor Matt Beer (Joseph Millson), a unrepentant womaniser, to write another in his field.

Of course nothing goes to plan and though Matt strives to follow in Imogen’s footsteps, he spends most of his time seducing female staff and students and annoying mechanical engineering lecturer Lydia Tennant (Dolly Wells).

The writing team behind Campus is also responsible for The Green Wing and that should give you some indication of the level of hilarity involved. If you are a fan of politically correct material, this show may not be for you. The clip below shows Jonty mocking an enraged student in a wheelchair and later in the series he jokes about hot Indian MILFs and starts a rumour that he may be sacking ‘all the Jews.’

However if you are a fan of boundary pushing, risque writing and the odd rude joke, then we think you’ll love this new series…..however you might come away feeling like you shouldn’t!

Campus premières on Channel 4 on Tuesday 5th April at 10PM