Captain Phillips, Saving Mr Banks, why we LOVE Tom Hanks!

by Lisa McGarry


When it comes to catch Hollywood catchphrases, chances are it was Tom Hanks who made it famous. That guy has one killer CV to his name, from our favourite toy cowboy to the loveable Forrest Gump, Hanks has enjoyed an amazing career and he shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

The A list actor is currently promoting his upcoming film Captain Philips, where he plays a distressed captain whose ship is taken over by Somali pirates. The film itself is based on a true story and I don’t know about you but if someone was going to play me in a film, I’d want Tom Hanks (We’ll just forget that I’m a woman for a moment, okay?).


Hanks is also starring with Emma Thompson in the Mary Poppins story, Saving Mr Banks, which which closed the 57th BFI London Film Festival at the weekend, so while he is back in the public eye, I wanted to take a look back and discuss what has given him the longevity in an ever changing environment.

First of all we’d point towards his acting skill. The 57 year old star has got a range of genres up his sleeve, he’s played the hero, the love interest, the FBI agent and let’s not forget his incredible performance in Castaway ( I know you’re all shouting Wilson in your head, I am too.) Hanks has a way of evoking emotions that not many others do, we can cry with him when he dies in Saving Private Ryan, laugh at him as Woody and can’t help but love him as Forest Gump. I don’t know about you but every time I watch Forest Gump I can’t help but feel like you’re learning about life with him.


One of my favourite films is of course The Da Vinci Code. This film sees Hanks play Robert Langdon, a symbol specialist who helps uncover the secret of the church. It’s every bit of believable and you can’t wait for him to solve the next puzzle. I think part of the charm of Mr Hanks is that he doesn’t over do it, he plays a range of characters and each time he pulls it off. You can believe that he met a girl over the internet, you can believe that he’s an FBI agent who is determined to do right by his country, or that he is a homeless man living in a airport. Everyone role he plays you believe him totally.

tom hanks philadelphia

It of course helps that he’s such a nice guy! In every TV interview with Tom that we have ever seen, the actor always keeps things amusing and is so at ease with everyone, that he appears incredibly genuine, especially considering the level of his fame.

Whatever his secret is, it appears he’s not stopping anytime soon. Tom’s latest role see’s him as none other that Mr Walt Disney himself. Now could you picture anyone else playing him? No? Me neither.

Whatever your reason is for loving Hanks, you can’t deny he’s got style, grace and a tonne of talent that many actors can only wish for.

Mr Hanks, we salute you.

This post was written by our newest guest blogger Valerie Rivett. Catch up with her on Tumblr here, or drop Val a tweet here.