Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert Music Video! Duets We’d Love to See… Beyoncé & Rihanna anyone?

by Emily H
miranda carrie

Country music’s leading ladies Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert released the music video for their very feisty duet ‘Somethin’ Bad’ yesterday and it’s been going down a treat with fans around the world.

The ladies dropped a very sexy video, which definitely shows each singer off to their full potential and it’s fair to say the whole thing seems to be dominated by pouting and sexy moments on. motorcycles. There are also some mug shots, cat suit moments, and diving away from explosions included. It was all inspired by real life you see.

Anyway after watching the video a few (hundred) times we got to thinking. Which other fearless females should join forces? Well we have a few suggestions for you…actually we have a few hundred but we’ve limited ourselves. Feel free to leave ideas of your own below.


Beyoncé and Rihanna

There’s no doubting that if these ladies did a duet would be absolutely unstoppable. These two superstars could sing the phone book and it would should shoot straight to #1 (and probably stay there for several weeks…).

Cheryl Cole and Little Mix

Britain’s favourite female duetting with Britain’s favourite girl band would undoubtedly shoot to the top of the charts. The X Factor ladies would not only sound amazing together, but the dance moves would be pretty insane.

Hilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale

A Hilary and Ashley duet would be a Disney match made in heaven! Despite their Disney pasts, if the blonde cuties more recent music is anything to go by, this coupling would be cute, but with a definite edge.

Kelly Clarkson and Adele

Kelly and Adele teaming up would result in one big powerhouse duet. These ladies have two of the most powerful voices in music today, and any duet by these ladies would definitely blow us away.


Britney Spears and Katy Perry

A track by two of pop’s most successful musicians, Britney and Katy, would definitely get the whole world dancing. The song would be a pop explosion like we’ve never seen before, and

Miley Cyrus and Kesha

Only heaven knows what these two bad girls of pop would get up to on a duet! We can only imagine it would probably involve a lot of drinking, but not a lot of clothes…

Did we miss anyone from our list? Which musical ladies would you like to see team up for a duet? Let us know in the comments below