Case Sensitive – episode two on ITV1

Episode two:

We are on the waterfront, where a group of kids are running through the undergrowth. As they pass, we see the body of a blonde woman, floating face down in the river. Is this Sally? Or Esther?

At CID, DS Charlie Zailer and DC Simon Waterhouse are looking at the two photos pinned on the wall (Geraldine & Lucy / the mystery woman & daughter). Why did Esther Taylor drop them and how are they connected? Charlie’s informed that Esther Taylor’s been found – dead.

Sally comes to, finds herself in bed in a shuttered room. She gets up and starts to wander around the house, realises she’s locked in. She’s scared. Simon is at the school Oonagh attends and where Lucy used to go. He’s holding the photo of the mystery woman – her little girl is wearing the school’s uniform. It’s Maria Olivia and her daughter Amy. Apparently, she took the little girl back to Spain following a marital split. Charlie calls and tells him Mark Bretherick came looking for Esther at the hotel where she worked, just 2hrs before she died. He’s brought in for questioning and shown a photo of Esther, but says he doesn’t recognise her. She’s not the Esther Taylor who came to his house.

Charlie goes to see Cordy at her house. She doesn’t recognise the name Esther Taylor or know how she would be connected to Geraldine and Maria. Her daughter Oonagh is still very shaken and believes she’s to blame because of some childish secret the three little girls had shared. Charlie and Simon search the Bretherick house. They cannot reconcile the unhappiness in Geraldine’s diaries with the happy family photos all over the house. Charlie meets with Hey who says Harbord’s wrong: it wasn’t Geraldine; this was a male crime. The only man in the frame is the husband and he probably killed Esther too. Looking into Esther’s background they realise her colleague Sally is missing. She called in sick to work but her husband doesn’t know where she is.

At the house Sally comes face to face with her captor – she recognises him as the ‘Mark’ she slept with, we see it’s Jonathan Hey. He tells her he’s a criminologist studying the Bretherick case for the police and says Mark is trying to kill her.

Simon and Charlie show Mark Bretherick a photo of Sally Thorne. He tells them she was the woman claiming to be Esther Taylor. Going through items from his house they find Maria Olivia’s diary written in Spanish. Translated, Charlie realises it’s the same text as Geraldine’s but with the names changed. Maria’s is the original and Geraldine’s diaries have been tampered with, which means Mark Bretherick was right: she hadn’t written them. Mark Bretherick admits that the Olivia’s bought a painting of Geraldine’s – 3 months ago when he was away. It was his favourite painting.

Jonathan admits to Sally that Geraldine would’ve married him if she’d been free. They’d had an inappropriate friendship after Maria took Amy back to Spain and he’d fallen in love with her. Jonathan admits, to Sally’s horror, that he had seen her in the area a number of times and followed her to the hotel in Yorkshire. Their chance meeting wasn’t by chance at all.

Charlie returns to Cordy’s. They really need to trace the Olivias. Cordy searches for an address but meanwhile, Oonagh shows Charlie a picture she’s painted. It’s of Amy’s house. Charlie gets just enough information to go looking for the house. As she’s leaving, Oonagh tells Charlie the secret Amy shared with her.

At the house, Jonathan catches Sally reading a letter that she found earlier. She realises that Jonathan was stalking Geraldine and killed her because she rejected him. She begs to be let go and Jonathan realises he’s going to have to kill her. Sally hides in the loft, the only place she can think of hiding from Jonathan. They are interrupted by Charlie arriving. When he answers the door she’s confused: this was the address for Maria Olivia’s old house. A coincidence he tells her. He goes off to make her a drink and looking round, Charlie discovers a blood splattered bathroom. She confronts him gently with what Oonagh told her. His daughter, Amy, killed her mother Maria. He couldn’t make them love each other and just desperately wanted a happy family. He killed Geraldine and Lucy because he tried to make Geraldine leave Mark and she wouldn’t. Hey panics and holds a syringe to Charlie’s throat as Simon’s arriving but they convince him to drop it. Sally is discovered, unharmed.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM ITV1

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