Castle season 7 spoilers: Matt Letscher spills on his super secret role & ALL the latest on upcoming episodes! PICS

by Sarah Jones


There was one big question leading on from the Castle season 7 premiere and that was just who took Richard for two months?

Well, it’s safe to say after the opening episode we had a lot more questions than answers to what we’re simply dying to know – but Matt Letscher’s character provided one of the most intriguing elements of ‘Driven’.

The ex Scandal actor portrayed Henry Jenkins, who seemed like a mild mannered mobile home owner, who simply got dragged into the NYPD’s hunt by somebody else.

However, that proved not to be the case at all after Beckett found out she spoke to a fake Henry Jenkins – back before she found Castle. So whoever he is, he’s surely involved somehow with the ongoing conspiracy.

The actor has recently spoken to TV Line about his new super secret role on the hit ABC drama. He talked about the secrecy surrounding his role and what part his character will play, as our lead characters desperately try to figure out what happened. He joked that he was scared of the ‘Castle secret police’ when giving away hints on the new season.

However, he went on to tease ” He definitely has a history with Castle. As far as I can tell, he is someone who looms large in Castle‚Äôs past.” Who could it be?

While he also admitted that when he was shooting his scenes as Jenkins, they played both sides of the fence with him. Could that mean possibly shooting alternative scenes? As the actor admitted that the writers wanted to keep their options open.

Expect in episode two for the key sewn into Castle’s pants and the fact he was shot to be touched upon – although Letscher remarked that fans shouldn’t expect a resolution on this part.

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Ahead of next week’s episode, ‘Montreal’ will see Castle back at work with the NYPD and the team investigate the murder of a toy company CEO. In the meantime though, Castle will uncover a lead when he tries to figure out more information on his disappearance. Supposedly, this will lead him down a potentially dangerous path!

Meanwhile, episode three entitled ‘Clear and Present Danger’ will see a pool shark murdered by an ‘unseen’ force. The team will uncover that the killer has paranormal powers! We totally see some Castle conspiracy theories arising here. Caskett will also try and get on with their lives – going back to some element of normality after a crazy few months.

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  1. Lesley Leach on October 2, 2014 at 11:51 am

    My version of what could have taken place is as follows:-
    Castle run off the road & injected with Scopolamine which would make him do exactly what he is instructed to do & not remember it. The 2 month old bullet scar could be the work of Dr.Kelly Nieman, with her skills that wouldn’t be a problem. My guess would be 3XK or his girlfriend Dr. Nieman is involved. How about that?

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