Castle spoilers: Esposito is in ALL sorts of trouble when he’s taken hostage!

by Sarah Jones


So far in this season of Castle, it’s been heavily Castle/Beckett dominated with Richard going missing for two months and the pair finally getting married.

However, in Monday’s episode of the hit ABC drama it will be Javier Esposito who the episode centers around, when he is taken hostage alongside other passengers on a subway train by a mysterious gunman.

Previously, the writers of Castle dedicated an episode to Kevin Ryan and that went down as one of our most memorable episodes of the series, when he went undercover, so we have very high hopes for this one.

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What we know so far about the episode ‘Kill Switch’ is that Espo will be on that very subway train taken hostage and it’ll be up to his fellow co-workers to try and bring the situation to as peaceful ending as possible.

During the investigation, Beckett and co will think they’ve got the upper hand on the mysterious gunman but he has another surprise up his sleeve. Will this leave Espo in further danger and can they figure out his agenda before it’s too late?


Actors set to guest star in the episode are Will Rothhaar, Maya Stojan, Nathan Anderson and Wendy Braun. While the episode itself has been penned by showrunner David Amann.

Ahead of the exciting episode set to hit our screens this Monday, TVGuide have released a brand new sneak peek, which shows an understandably frantic Lanie, who rushes to Beckett to find out the latest.

castle 2

Next up, Captain Gates ushers the pair in as they have eyes on Esposito himself. They manage to get into a camera feed, which means they can see everything that is going on and Lanie is encouraged by the fact there’s another cop down there with him. The mysterious gunman then reveals a bomb strapped to his chest!

Have your say on Monday’s episode in the comments below. Are you excited for a Espo based episode?


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