Castle spoilers: What next for Richard? Will his mobster friends return? David Amann spills…

by Sarah Jones


The twists and turns were a plenty in Monday’s mid-season finale of Castle.

Viewers will have seen Richard get involved with the mafia, swearing a blood oath while he investigated the NYPD’s latest case. However, it was revealed at the end of the episode that the killer had been murdered himself and as Richard cooperated with the mafia family and old friend Dino Scarpella, he was then told he could no longer be associated with the NYPD.

By the end of the episode, the Christmas cheer was in full force and Richard didn’t tell Kate what Captain Gates had said, but this news will no doubt shape the series for a few episodes at least.

Of course, the break up of the Castle and Beckett partnership at the 12th surely won’t last very long, but it will certainly provide a new dynamic to the series. In TVLine’s latest interview with showrunner David Amann he teased that Richard will be going down the private investigator route!

While he described how Richard has been through a lot already this season, it’s just another challenge facing our main man that he will have to overcome. We bet there’s plenty coming up too!


Meanwhile, he further went on to tell TVGuide that episode 11 will pick up 2 months after Christmas and Richard will be chasing his PI license. He revealed that he won’t tell Beckett about this – which could leave some trouble at mill for our favorite pair!

Thankfully, the pair won’t be investigating separate cases while they’re apart, as the exec assured that they would ‘intersect’ and that by hook or by crook Richard will try to earn his way back in at the 12th. At least we’ll get to still see the pair together right?

You can check out a promo for the next Castle episode below, set to hit our screens after Christmas. It seems that the team and Castle are set to have some fun as Kate claims there’s ‘no way’ Richard can solve the case before them! Who will win?


We’d love to know your thoughts on this finale though. Were you happy with it? Are you looking forward to Richard’s new dynamic? Let us know in the comments below.


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