Celebrities love Taylor Swift! But New York doesn’t…Find out why!

by Emily H
Taylor Swift (Credit: Facebook)
 Taylor Swift (Credit: Facebook)

Taylor Swift (Credit: Facebook)

It’s official. Everyone has caught Taylor Swift fever, and the only cure is to buy her new album ‘1989’.

Even celebrities aren’t immune to Taylor Swift fever, as pretty much all of our favourite celebrities have been gushing the ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ singer’s latest album.

From Selena Gomez, to Ed Sheeran to Sam Smith and even Reese Witherspoon have all taken to social media to express their love for Swift’s new record. Take a look at what they (and a number of other famous faces) had to say about ‘1989’;

Actress Reese Witherspoon also got in on the action, taking to her official Instagram page to post a screen shot of herself listening to ‘Welcome To New York’ with the caption, “What today is all about @taylorswift #1989 #welcometonewyork have you been waiting for ME?”

Taylor Swift's new album '1989' is out NOW!

Taylor Swift’s new album ‘1989’ is out NOW!

Also taking to social media to express her excitement over the big release is the lady herself. The superstar has barely been off Twitter since the album dropped yesterday, and has been posting a number shots of her fans buying the record on her page in an act she calls “#TayLurking.”

However, it appears that there may just be one place in the world that hasn’t caught Taylor fever: New York. Swift was announced as the new Global Welcome Ambassador for New York City yesterday, and the decision has New Yorkers “incensed.”

Are you loving Taylor's new album?

Are you loving Taylor’s new album?

Despite the opening track on her new album being titled ‘Welcome To New York’, the singer was born in Pennsylvania and grew up Nashville, and has only lived in the big apple for less than a year.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider called the decision “insulting,” adding that “She doesn’t have any life experience here, or connection to the town.” A Twitter user was equally displeased, tweeting out that “Taylor Swift has nothing to do with NYC, she is a bad representation. Get a real NY’er instead.”

Have you got your copy of 1989 yet? What do you think about the decision to name Taylor Swift Global Welcome Ambassador for New York City? Tell us in the comments section below.