Celebrity Juice: No wedding bells just yet for team captain Kelly Brook – Danny Cipriani has a bad knee!

kelly brook

Oh dear, only a few weeks after letting slip on Celebrity Juice how Danny Cipriani’s mother was her future mother-in-law, it would seem that Kelly Brook may have jumped the gun a tad as Danny has revealed to the Mirror newspaper how he has no intention of proposing to the model turned television presenter any time soon.

Kelly, who is a team captain on the hit ITV2 comedy panel show whilst Fearne Cotton is on maternity leave, held her head in her hands after, for the second week in a row, show host Keith Lemon showed a picture with Mrs Cipriani with Kelly, saying “Please god, I promised her this would never happen again. I got into a lot of trouble for that – that is my future mother-in-law”

Keith instantly picked up on the comment and declared the news an exclusive, but it seems that it all may have been a bit premature.

Kelly and Danny got back together after three year break earlier this year but, despite exclaiming that they are stronger than ever, Danny has told the publication that he is not ready to take it to the next level just yet!

Discussing the situation with the Mirror, the rugby player explained:

“I’m very happy where I am and I feel very fortunate to have Kelly. But I’ve got a bad knee so I definitely won’t be getting down on one knee any time soon.

“I think everyone has got their own individual wants. Some want children and marriage, some don’t. I may be one or the other. I don’t know.”


Danny’s knee injury comes after he was hit by a bus back in April, and according to him Kelly has been the perfect nurse:

“Kelly has been very supportive. I am very grateful to her. It wakes you up and makes you refocus.”

One person we are sure will be very smug to read this story is Kelly’s arch-nemesis, Katie Price who, after a series of Twitter spats with the former Big Breakfast presenter claims she will “reveal everything” about the reasons behind their differences in her latest tell-all autobiography out later this year, but Danny isn’t too bothered:

“I don’t have a side of the story. It’s cool – I’m just very happy.”

Watch an interview with Kelly and Celebrity Juice host Keith Lemon in the clip below: