Celebrity Juice’s Rufus Hound says he is “done with the Keith Lemon Show”

Fans of Celebrity Juice were left baffled at the unexplained absence of regular team member, Rufus Hound, from mid way through the last series until it ended at the beginning of this month, after four years involvement with the popular Keith Lemon ITV2 panel show.

Well, if today’s comments are anything to go by, it would seem that Mr Hound has left the show due to a diva style tantrum over which comedian is funniest and most popular with the nation.

Hound, who joined team Captain Radio One presenter, Fearne Cotton, each week, left his place on the panel in mid April, despite the series having several more shows to air, and if that wasn’t mysterious enough, the rest of the panel not only didn’t explain the absence, but didn’t even acknowledge it!

But now it has emerged that Hound may have actually left the show in a strop after complaining that he couldn’t compete with Keith Lemon’s (real name Leigh Francis) popularity.

When asked about the show, why he was no longer on it and if he will be coming back, Hound offered up the following short answers:  “You’ll have to ask them why”, “No, no time soon” and “I’m done. I’m not on that show any more,” suggesting this decision had not been made amicably, and the subject was still pretty raw.

This isn’t the first time that Rufus has hinted that there was trouble at the ranch, having previously refered to Celebrity Juice as “the Keith Lemon Show”.  When talking about a return to the panel to Digital Spy, Lemon said: “Frankly that’s unlikely. ‘Celebrity Juice’ is the Keith Lemon show isn’t it, and so long as Keith’s there most people are getting everything they want from it. So onwards and upwards for them.”

Hinting the exit as final to his fans, Hound also took to social networking site, Twitter, to tell his followers that he was:s “very busy with upcoming projects”, rehearsing a play and has a lead role in a film.

Watch Rufus’ hilarious Lets Dance For Sport Relief performance as Cheryl Cole below: