Channel 4 and Discovery Channel crash a passenger jet loaded with cameras & crash test dummies

Channel 4, in collaboration with the Discovery Channel, have commissioned research into making plane crashes more “survivable” by crash landing a Boeing 727 passenger jet in an uninhabited area of the Mexican desert.

The pilot of the plane ejected after setting the plane’s crash course, while inside, dozens of cameras recorded what happened as the plane plummeted to the ground.

But the most valuable part of the experiment will be in seeing what happens to the crash test dummies which were placed in passengers’ seats.

The film – which is expected to air later this year – is being made by award-winning British production company Dragonfly Film and Television Productions, and will examine every moment of the crash from hundreds of angles caught by the cameras on board…

Channel 4’s senior commissioning editor, David Glover, said of the film, “This is a ground-breaking project, allowing a team of leading international scientists and crash investigators the first chance for a generation to study the crash of an entire passenger jet to investigate what really happens to the airframe and cabin of a crashing plane, as well as the effects on the human body.

“Plus the programme asks ‘how can we make plane crashes more survivable?’. The scientists are also looking at passenger safety, plus new ‘black box’ flight data recording technology.

“They have been hugely enthusiastic supporters of the project and couldn’t wait to get to the crash site.

“Despite long careers, none of them have seen a plane crash before their eyes like this before.

“We hope that this documentary will provide valuable new scientific results as well as giving passengers vital information about how they can improve their own chances of surviving the extremely unlikely, but frightening, prospect of being in a serious plane crash.”

And here’s a clip of one such crash when a Boeing 727 came down in Iran with the loss of dozens of lives…

As mentioned, the film will be broadcast later this year.

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