Channel 4 announces new run of Comedy Labs

The comedy strand that launched the careers of Peter Kay, Russell Brand and Jimmy Carr, as well as uncovering such gems as Modern Toss and Fonejacker, is back for new run this summer, with six brand new half hour commissions.

Nerys Evans, Comedy Commissioning Editor said: “Comedy labs are an amazing spawning ground for future household names, giving their first TV breaks to a host of exciting new talent, both performers and writers. This year’s alumni is a fantastically diverse collection of comedy talent.’

The line up includes…

Anna and Katy stars acclaimed sketch double act Anna Crilly (British Comedy Award Nominee) & Katy Wix (Writer’s Guild Award Nominee) as they bring their unique brand of character comedy to a self titled one off sketch show. Produced by Roughcut Television, and with special guest appearances from Lee Mack amongst others, Anna and Katy introduces us to the biggest soap opera in Germany, daytime TV show ‘Congratulation!’ and Eamonn Holmes’ latest game show ‘Pointer’ amongst a range of silly characters. The Executive Producer is Ash Atalla, the Producer is Jon Petrie and the Director Tony Dow. (Commissioned by Nerys Evans, Comedy Commissioning Editor)

Totally Tom is a half-hour, scripted comedy/sketch show, written and performed by Tom Palmer and Tom Stourton. Set in the hours of darkness and in a non-specific metropolis, the unique and sometimes macabre world of Totally Tom is inhabited by an array of characters – some relatively normal – and some bordering on the grotesque. During our visit we meet a bitchy pair of cocaine fuelled ‘posh girls’, a cop with an over-imaginative sense of drama, a pair of Scottish brothers locked in a cycle of poverty, and we also see an edgy new teen-drama set in the Hitler Youth. Totally Tom is produced by Baby Cow Productions. The Executive Producer is Henry Normal, the Producer is Ted Dowd and the Director David Lambert. (Commissioned by Nerys Evans, Comedy Commissioning Editor)

Kabadasses is written by newcomer Nikesh Shukla and is produced and directed by Anil Gupta (Goodness Gracious Me, The Office, The Kumar’s at No 42). Bobby is a loveable dreamer with high hopes and no prospects. When his domineering girlfriend, Shobna, throws him out, Bobby finds himself back at his Dad’s with is tail between his legs. His father, Latte, the Thamesmead cappuccino king, disapproves of Bobby’s slacker lifestyle and thinks his dear departed wife spoiled the boy. Bobby and his best mate Vin, a thug with a heart, decide that their best shot at redemption is to set up the world’s first all white English Kabaddi team. Obviously. With a makeshift team and no idea of the rules, Bobby realises they need help. They find it in the shape of The Marauding Moustache, a legend in the East London League and a cross between Mr Miyagi and Homer Simpson. Kabadasses is made by Objective Productions and the Executive Producer is Phil Clarke. (Commissioned by Nerys Evans, Comedy Commissioning Editor)

Mr & Mrs Hotty Hott Hot Show is a comedy game show featuring the award winning comedy sketch group Pappys (Matthew Crosby, Tom Parry and Ben Clark). This all singing, all dancing show is based on a 1950’s style beauty pageant where the entire studio audience has the opportunity to be crowned the winner. However, this isn’t your usual beauty pageant or Miss World – this is the alternative version and this show is all about objectification through obscure games, through weird and wonderful skills and generally looking a bit odd. So if you’ve got a sexy armpit, outstandingly impressive nostrils, or an overwhelming body odour you could win! The Executive Producer is Lee Hupfield, the Producer is Rachel Springett and the Director Stuart McDonalds. (Mr & Mrs Hotty Hott Hot Show is commissioned by Comedy Editor Fiona McDermott.)

The Warm Up Guy stars Tom Davis (Cha’mone Mo’Fo’Selecta!, The Morgana Show) as Ian Bodkin, a struggling studio warm up comedian and self deluded ‘wally’ who thinks he is a superstar in the making. Ian Bodkin is a loveable but completely delusional dreamer who is on the lowest step of the entertainment ladder, but in his child-like world he is the biggest talent out there, and is constantly on the cusp of his big television break. The Warm Up Guy is a loser but primarily an idiot and at 6’8″ and 18 stone, a very very big idiot, and if he can realize that the biggest joke is his life itself then he may achieve his dreams. Written by Tom Davis & James De Frond, the show is produced and Directed by James De Frond, for Running Bare Pictures. (Commissioned by Nerys Evans, Comedy Commissioning Editor)

Rick and Peter stars Rick Edwards (T4, That Paralympics Show) and Peter Mitchell (Cast Offs, Hollyoaks), as caricatures of themselves, an odd couple thrown together after Rick makes a regrettable gag on T4, and is put on a crash course in how to be more politically correct. Written by Tom Basden, (The Party) and produced by Eleven Films, Rick and Peter delivers a satirical take on the self-important and pumped up world of TV presenting. (Commissioned by Nerys Evans, Comedy Commissioning Editor)

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