Channel 4 commissions My Big Fat Diet Show

by Lisa McGarry

Channel 4’s features department has ordered Cheetah Television, an Endemol company to produce a brand new diet show fronted by Anna Richardson, which will air in January 2010 to help viewers shed the post-Christmas pounds.

My Big Fat Diet Show features Anna Richardson (The Sex Education Show, Supersize vs Superskinny) as she grabs the nation by its love handles to show us how to lose weight fast.

In this entertaining series a group of women of all shapes and sizes will join serial-dieter Anna Richardson as they attempt to purge their Christmas excess with a two-week drop a dress size diet. The programmes, supported by a weight-loss website, will invite viewers to join in the step by step guide to safe but quick weight-loss. The series will be packed to the rafters with tips on foods to avoid, which sports are best for flab fighting and recipes for scrumptious low calorie meals. Further exploring the dietary downfalls of the UK, in each programme one over-eating food addict will be helped to overcome their addiction by exploring the psychological triggers for their binge-eating before embarking on a range of radical therapies.

Cheetah Television’s Head of Features Colette Foster says; “January is the perfect time to say New Year, New You but we all know it’s really tough trying to address weight problems at any time of year. For this new diet series we’ve come up with an entertaining but highly practical way to help viewers tackle their weight issues. They’ll be able to share their own drop-a-dress-size experiences through a website that will provide masses of interactive support and guidance”

In addition, Channel 4 has commissioned a third series of Supersize vs Superskinny with Dr Christian Jessen and Anna Richardson, following a hugely successful second run earlier this year. The programme will feature fresh strands which investigate eating disorders, morbid obesity, extreme eating habits and body dysmorphia.

Channel 4’s Commissioning Editor for Features Andrew Jackson says “In our body obsessed world it’s brilliant to have two heavy weight series for 2010. To welcome Supersize vs Superskinny back for a third series firmly establishes it as the ultimate body dysmorphia magazine show. It’s double satisfying to commission the mother of all diet shows too as My Big Fat Diet Show will not only see Anna Richardson challenging the nation shed those Christmas pounds, but it will explore the often extreme and fascinating ways people try to get and keep slim. They will be must see series for the body conscious”.