Channel 4’s 40 Year Old Virgins under fire as it’s claimed Clive Dancey is neither 40 nor a virgin!

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There’s controversy surrounding Channel 4’s documentary 40 Year Old Virgins today in that The Sun claims one of the programme’s stars, “IT engineer Clive” is in fact 45 year old actor Clive Dancey, who is far from a virgin!

The paper reports, “Channel 4 viewers saw balding ‘IT engineer Clive’ burst into tears as he struggled to get intimate with women.

“The cardigan and specs-wearing loner jetted to the US for treatment and was filmed shouting ‘I just had sex!’ after apparently losing his virginity to a blonde therapist.”

However, friends of Clive’s – who has appeared in Midsomer Murders and TV ads for Stella Artois – reckon it’s all a con…

One said, “Clive has had sexual relations in the past and is not the hand-wringing virgin depicted in the show.

“He’s a good actor and used his skills to full effect. It seems Channel 4 has not been fully transparent about this.”

Clive, who’s a member of actors’ union Equity, has posted his CV online at CastingCallPro where he claims to have performed in Shakespeare plays, pantomimes and voiceovers for the animated series of Doctor Who.

clive danceyWhen asked about it yesterday, he told the paper, “Um, yeah, I need to speak to somebody because I’ve been advised not to say anything about that.”

On Thursday night, viewers of the documentary were told, “Clive grew up with Christian beliefs and was taught sex before marriage was wrong.”

And of being a virgin, Clive was heard to say, “There are times when I’ve cried about it. I’ve hit things.”

Of the debacle, a Channel 4 spokeswoman said, “Clive considered himself a virgin at the time of filming.

“While he has had a small number of relationships in the past, with some limited physical contact, none was fully consummated.

“Programme-makers were also aware Clive acted in pantomimes in his spare time. But we strongly refute any allegation the programme is in any way faked.”

Here’s what C4 has to say of the show…

Clive, 45, an IT engineer, and Rosie, 29, are still virgins – and not through choice. Clive is intimidated by the thought of physical intimacy and finds it hard to chat to women, let alone sleep with them. Rosie dreams of marriage and children of her own, but can’t bear to be touched by, or touch, men. Rosie thinks guys smell a bit weird, ‘a cross between aftershave and ham.’

However, help is at hand with a radical two-week course of sex therapy in the US. Clive works with Cheryl, 68, the doyenne of sex surrogates, whose life story is told in the Oscar-nominated film The Sessions. She estimates she’s slept with about 850 men, and that’s not including her husbands. The two quickly develop an intense emotional bond, but is Cheryl accomplished enough to encourage him to face his fears of intimacy?

Meanwhile, Rosie’s surrogate partner is 55-year old Gary, an ex-professional tennis player turned counsellor. She’s determined to lose her virginity saying, ‘For my first time…. I’d like the other person to really know what they’re doing…. If you want the job done, get an expert.’ He faces a mighty challenge as Rosie tells him bluntly that she doesn’t fancy him. Gary insists that this doesn’t matter, believing that it’s the quality of the emotional bond that determines successful partner surrogate therapy, as much as physical attraction.

Will these highly skilled sex surrogates help Clive and Rosie in their quest to go all the way?

Here’s a clip…


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