Chantelle Young planning My Big Fat Gypsy Divorce from Davey Joyce!

Chantelle Young, the 19 year old bride from Channel 4’s hit TV show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, is planning her own Big Fat Gypsy Divorce it has been reported.

The teenager married Davey Joyce, nephew of famed bared knuckle fighter Paddy Doherty, just four months ago, but she’s going against all the traditions of her own community and leaving him because married life isn’t what she wanted or expected at her age.

On why she decided to leave her husband, Chantelle told The News Of The World:

“I had no education or job and I hated having to stay at home and do chores while Davey went out with friends.”

“I saw some young girls on the campsite in violent relationships. Luckily, for me, Davey and I just weren’t getting along, but for some wives it was much worse.”

“The women stay because they’re scared or have children. I realised my life wouldn’t change- so I decided to do something about it.”

However, she doesn’t think Davey wil be too upset to see her go, she admitted:

“I discussed it with Davey and he’s OK about it because he will probably have someone else lined up for him. Everyone will say I wasn’t fit to be a wife.”

Chantelle’s marriage may be over, but she’s not going to let it go down the tubes without at least marking the occasion. The brunette beauty has explained that she is planning a lavish anti-wedding party, which will be even bigger than her first ceremony! She added:

“I’ve asked a dressmaker to make me an anti-bride one. Slashed and maybe bloodstained!

“My cake is three- tiered and will have a bride at the top and a groom falling down it. I plan to have my hair, nails, tan and make-up done-but I want to look even better than I did for Davey.”

We fully expect the whole ting to be shown on Channel 4 later this year. They are already planning My Big Fat Gypsy Funeral and a Christmas special, so a divorce instalment is really par for the course!