Charlie Brooker teases Black Mirror episode 3: ‘The Entire History of You’ *spoilers*

by Lisa McGarry

The final episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror will air on Channel 4 this Sunday night and the man himself has given some teasers about the episode.

The installment will be set in an alternate reality where everyone has access to a system which records everything they do and Brooker explained the thinking behind the episode, saying:

You know when you have an argument with your partner, and everyone’s fantasised about being able to rewind and go “Here’s what you said earlier,” or “Look how you embarrassed me” or what have you? Well, this is set in a world where everybody has got the ability to do that – you’ve got the equivalent of Sky Plus or Tivo for your head, so that you can rewind and replay your visual feed. It’s about a couple who have a pretty bad evening, put it that way. So in these episodes, the broad theme is that technology is helping people mess themselves up.

Former episodes have looked at the dark side of social networking and celebrity culture, reality TV shows and asked if the programmes are a series of cautionary tales, Brooker said:

Kind of, but above all it’s entertainment and satire, they’re all quite dramatic, but there’s humour in them as well, which often tends to be quite bleak. But they’re not finger-wagging, saying “all this technology is bad”. It’s not that. It’s exploring a lot of what ifs with technology at their heart. I’m slightly wary of even mentioning the technological aspect to it, in case it makes it sound like someone reading out the instructions to a satellite box. They’re very much rollicking tales.

Tune in to watch ‘The Entire History of You’ on Sunday 18th December – Channel 4 – 9pm