Charlie Brooker teases ‘Black Mirror’ second episode ’15 Million Merits’

by Lisa McGarry

Charlie Brooker’s latest TV offering Black Mirror launched on Sunday night and despite being up against an ITV music special with Beyonce and X Factor spinoff The Xtra Factor, achieved 1.9 million viewers.

The high ratings made it Channel 4’s biggest drama launch of the year and this Sunday, it’s coming back.

The second episode of the three part series is titled ’15 Million Merits’ and it has been described as taking a satirical look at the nation’s obsession with reality TV shows such as Big Brother, The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

Speaking about the second installment in his series, Brooker recently admitted that his wife Konnie Huq co-wrote the episode – and who better, after all as the host of The Xtra Factor she was at the heart of one of the nation’s biggest entertainment TV shows last year – and he explained the concept of the script, saying:

There’s an episode called 15 Million Merits, which I’ve co-written with my wife.

It’s set in a dystopian, sarcastic version of the future, in which everyone is compelled to live a life of physical drudgery, and the only real means of escape is by entering a kind of talent show, of a type which may seem familiar to visitors.

Brooker added:

In that episode we’ve got Daniel Kaluuya, who’s starring in The Fades at the moment, and Jessica Brown Findlay, who’s in Downton Abbey. And among the judges we’ve got Julia Davies and Rupert Everett, quite excitingly. He’s playing the sort of kingpin judge. That’s the setting. It’s quite visually striking; it’s got a very different vibe, for want of a better word than vibe.

Check out a great teaser video for the next Black Mirror episode here.