Charlie Sheen wants his character to return from the dead in Two And A Half Men finale!

by Anna Howell

Former Two And A Half Men star, Charlie Sheen, has revealed that he would like his character, Charlie Harper, to make a comeback for the shows grand finale, despite being dead!

Fans of the hit US sitcom will know how Charlie, had played one of the main leads in the show since it began in 2003.

However, despite the show being a phenomenal success making its stars some of the most well paid actors in the US, Charlie Sheen was fired after a dispute with the shows production crew, and his character killed off away from screen.

Following his dismissal Charlie, who is the son of Martin Sheen and brother of Emilio Estevez, had a highly publicized “meltdown” which was broadcast on television and the internet. He made bizarre statements in television interviews, suggesting that he was a “warlock” with “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA”. He also posted videos to YouTube showing himself smoking cigarettes through his nose, and cursing out his former employers. He told one TV interviewer, “‘I’m tired of pretending I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.”

Whilst many speculated about the authenticity of this apparent breakdown, show producers at Two And A Half Men tried frantically to find a way to keep the show going without him, and brought in Hollywood A Lister, and ex-husband of Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, to replace Charlie’s character.

In the ninth season premiere (after Charlie’s death), the beach house he shared with his brother, Alan Jon Cryer), and nephew Jake (Angus T. Jones) sold to Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher), an Internet billionaire in the process of being divorced from his wife Bridget (Judy Greer).

Alan left to live with his conceited mother Evelyn (Holland Taylor) when the house was sold, but Walden whole-heartedly invites both Alan and Jake back to live in the beach house, needing friends to help him deal with his marriage breakdown, therefore forming a tight-knit surrogate family.

The show did not continue to thrive upon Kutcher’s arrival, however, and has since revealed that its latest series will be the last, and Charlie Sheen thinks he should be involved.

Speaking on The Late Show with David Letterman he said he “would like to appear on their final episode”.

When Letterman pointed out how that may be difficult seeing as his character is dead, Charlie replied: “I am dead, but so is the show!”

What do you think? Should Charlie make an appearance in the shows finale in some capacity, or should he have never left in the first place? Leave your thoughts and comments below:

Watch Charlie Sheen discussing his “meltdown” in the clip below: