by Lisa McGarry

On tonight’s Jonathan Ross Christmas special Michael McIntyre confesses his kids think he swears for a living, Sienna Miller talks of her embarrassment over receiving a saucy Christmas gift from her godmother, Sheridan Smith reveals she’s after a man who can cook, Ellie Simmonds admits she had to get ready for the James Bond premiere in the Queen’s toilet, Jamie Oliver teaches his fellow guests to make some festive treats and Charlotte Church provides Christmas tunes.

Michael McIntyre on his children thinking their dad swears for a living

Comedian Michael McIntyre travels the country entertaining, but his children who are aged seven and four can’t quite get their heads around what their dad does for a living.

“I think they think I swear because I was watching myself on TV, I can’t lie, and I swore on it. The kids came in and they saw me saying the F word,” explains Michael. “They think I tell thousands of people to f**k off for a living,” he laughs.

Sienna Miller on the worst Christmas gift she ever received – saucy knickers from her godmother – but then she got pregnant!

Beautiful actress Sienna Miller reveals her embarrassment at receiving what initially appeared to be a beautiful underwear set from her godmother. When asked about the worst Christmas gift she ever received, Sienna explains, “My poor godmother was trying to be current and went to Agent Provocateur and bought me some really nice lace underwear that looked relatively prim. I was thrilled to open up this gorgeous underwear, because girls love getting nice underwear. Then I held the knickers up and realised they were crotchless. She didn’t realise and she was horrified. There was this moment of kind of ‘thank you so much’. And then I got pregnant, so there we go,” laughs Sienna.

Sienna on the trials of filming The Girl whilst pregnant

Sienna, who has a five month old daughter called Marlowe, talks about having a tough time whilst filming scenes for her new film The Girl. Sienna was pregnant at the time. “I was bombarded with live pigeons, seagulls, the works, she explains. “Beaks and claws and pregnancy and morning sickness,’ Sienna continues.

Sheridan Smith on hoping to find a man who can cook

Sheridan Smith has had a great year in 2012 having worked on stage and on screen, but the successful actress admits she hasn’t found a man. “He’s (Jamie Oliver) going to try and find me a man who can cook because I can’t cook at all,” explains Sheridan.

Jonathan shows his shock at the that fact Sheridan is single and she automatically replies, “Ah, you’re lovely, you’re a DILF.” As soon as the words come out of her mouth Sheridan gasps and says, “I can’t say that can I?” laughing with embarrassment.

Ellie Simmonds on meeting the Queen and going to the James Bond Skyfall premiere in one night

It’s been quite a year for Ellie Simmonds having won 2 gold medals, a bronze and a silver at this year’s Paralympics. Ellie’s rise to fame has given her great opportunities and the excited 18 year old tells Jonathan about the night she had to fit in meeting the Queen and going to a James Bond film premiere.

“I went to meet the Queen but also that night was James Bond’s premiere. I had to get changed in the Queen’s bathroom,” she laughs.

Ellie on her initial disappointment that the Olympics / Paralympics were held in London in 2012.

The London Paralympics has clearly been life changing for Ellie but she admits she was initially upset when she heard the games would be held in London.

“When I heard about it being in London, it was 2005, I was upset. I didn’t want it to be in London because I was young then and I wanted to travel abroad. I was thinking, ‘I don’t get a holiday’,” laughs Ellie.

Jamie Oliver on customers stealing from his restaurants

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has set up a hugely successful chain of restaurants, but he tells Jonathan that one of his biggest challenges is keeping hold of his toilet seats!

“Customers do surprise you every now and again with some odd things,” he explains. “I put these beautiful toilet seats in every restaurant, no matter what, and they are called Thomas Crappers. They are gorgeous and I thought ‘I want the toilets to look nice’. But then they started stealing the seats and the handles on the pulls. One of these toilet seats is like 350 quid,” continues Jamie. “I phoned up the manufacturer and I said, ‘can you weld everything to the toilets?’ No word of a lie, we rivet everything now. And napkins, we have about 30,000 napkins nicked a month.”

Also on the show, Jamie Oliver cooks up some festive treats and Sienna Miller gets a shock when Jamie gives her a very hot chilli!