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America’s First Family revealed

In his one-thousand days in office, charismatic U.S. President John F. Kennedy left a powerful legacy that still resonates across the world. In an exclusive four-part movie event, HISTORY™ takes an unprecedented look at the man who helped shape a nation and the cost it had on his family in The Kennedys. Featuring incredible performances from celebrated stars and with writing from Stephen Kronish, producer of the heart-stopping 24, this April will see the premiere of an unforgettable tale of power, pride and scandal.

Beginning with the night of his election, The Kennedys reveals the drama behind one of America’s most beloved dynasties. The Kennedy’s all-star cast is led by Academy Award nominee Greg Kinnear, who steps into the shoes of JFK alongside Katie Holmes’ stunning Jackie Kennedy in their story of epic achievements and private failures. To their adoring public, they were the perfect family but fought constantly to keep their flaws hidden beneath smiles. Playing a President struggling to control his drug use and infidelity, Kinnear uncovers a side to the President that the public never saw.

Detailed, thought-provoking drama

Through incredible attention to detail and striking performances, The Kennedys lets us step back into the glamour of the 1960s. Set against a backdrop that reminds us of the style and beauty of that era, we see the pressure that came from the Kennedy patriarch, Joseph, following the death of his favourite son during World War II.

Premièring on Thursday 7th April, HISTORY™ reveals the struggle of one man to manage his family life while in charge of an entire nation.