Many people try to lose weight, but this is a film about a group of big women who are happy with their weight and some who want to get even fatter. Fat girls eating food is becoming an underground internet activity. Magazines and online websites featuring ‘Big Beautiful Women’ have become more and more popular. These women love their fat bodies and there are millions of men around the world who admire them and are willing to pay to watch them eat online.

My Big Fat Fetish follows the lives of four ‘Big’ models in the USA and UK. This fascinating documentary intimately explores the relationship these women have with their food and bodies, and also with their fans, and reveals what motivates them to live this bizarre sexual lifestyle. Kitt is 21 years old and weighs 20 stone. Growing up, she was a tomboy and felt sexless but she always admired big fat women. Kitt works as a dental assistant and also models in magazines under the name ‘Stuffing Kitt’ and posts videos online to subscription websites, where men pay to watch her eating. Kitt’s boyfriend Wes also gains sexual pleasure from her gaining weight. He regularly feeds her and rubs her belly and although Kitt admits ‘gaining’ isn’t normal, she believes it’s better to live out her sexual drive rather than to repress it.

Reenaye used to be a gainer but once she reached 29 stone she decided to stop and work to maintain this weight instead. After eight years as a model she now runs a gaining website and recruits women to model online. One of her models is Lizzie from Leeds, who weighs 18 stone. Lizzie is a bubbly blonde just starting out on her modelling career; she goes to Florida to take part in her first photo shoot and video for Reenaye’s website. Goddess Patty used to be the queen of the gaining world, weighing 44 stone. She is now too heavy to walk unaided and lives as a semi-invalid; she’s virtually immobile and requires 24/7 care from her son. Patty hasn’t gone outside for six weeks but she still performs ‘squashings’ for paying punters, where she sits and bounces on them. My Big Fat Fetish examines where this unusual lifestyle started, what makes it so popular and why thousands of fans are willing to pay money to watch women ‘gaining’ online.