Chris Moyles attempts 51.5 hour broadcast for Red Nose Day!

On Wednesday morning at 6.30am, BBC Radio 1’s longest serving breakfast DJ Chris Moyles and sidekick ‘Comedy’ Dave Vitty embarked on their Red Nose Day mission to stay awake for more than 37 hours, in an attempt to break the record for the longest show in Radio 1’s history.

But, in a twist, this morning Chris announced on air that the pair will not only attempt to smash the Radio 1 record but will also try and set a brand new Guinness World Record for “Radio DJ Endurance Marathon (Team)” by staying on air for a further 14 hours to reach a mammoth total 51.5 hours of broadcasting.

Chris Moyles said: “By the time we’ve done 37 hours we may as well go for broke and hit 51.5 hours and set a new World Record. That means that we can hopefully raise even more cash for Red Nose Day. Although I do think we might be completely mental.”

Comedy Dave added: “I’m apprehensive, nervous and confident that it’s a wholly stupid idea.”

Chris and Dave will be receiving plenty of support and encouragement from fellow Radio 1 DJs and celebrity guests along the way as they get more and more tired.

Over the 51.5 hour broadcast, guests will include Jimmy Carr, The Wanted, Katy B, Chipmunk, Davina McCall and Olly Murs.

Throughout the record-breaking attempt the duo have to present each show in the schedule with the regular DJ as a guest. Each hour that Chris and Dave are on air they will be entitled to a five-minute break which they can either take each hour or save up to earn a longer sleep later on.

They will be joined by likes of daytime DJs Fearne Cotton and Scott Mills as well as the station’s specialist DJs including Nick Grimshaw and Annie Nightingale who herself claimed a Guinness World Record last year for the “Longest Career as a Radio Presenter (female)”.