Chris Myers, Dr Trevor Dines, & Sally Eaton bring Wild Things to Channel 4

wild things

Britain’s landscape has changed dramatically over the last 50 years with wild plants disappearing and strange new plants becoming familiar. Brand new six-part series Wild Things opens up a completely different view on the world around us and reveals how plants offer an understanding of the changing British wildlife.

New presenter Chris Myers – who’s a Royal Horticultural Society gold medallist and garden designer – and his Labrador Lottie, are joined by one of Britain’s top botanists, Dr Trevor Dines, and lichenologist Sally Eaton. Each week holds strange and exciting discoveries for Chris and the team as they search our cities and countryside to discover what grows where in Britain today and why. Bold experiments and innovative approaches – from controlled explosions in military no-go zones on the Salisbury Plains to oven-roasting microscopic bears that live by our roadsides – help explain why some plants have moved in, others have disappeared, and why this matters to the rest of us.

wild things

In this first episode the team head to the Midlands and the heart of Britain’s road transport network, in Birmingham. It might seem like an unlikely starting point to look for wild things but in the last 50 years these roadsides have become Britain’s latest nature reserve. Exploring the hard shoulders and soft verges they discover how Danish scurvy-grass has become the fastest moving plant in Britain, using a fast car, a slow motion camera and polystyrene balls; and how a very familiar British flower has come under threat from a roadside imposter. And they find the world’s smallest bear living in the last place imaginable.

Tonight, 8.30, Channel 4

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One Response to “Chris Myers, Dr Trevor Dines, & Sally Eaton bring Wild Things to Channel 4”

  1. maureen wray says:

    Loved the programme. Thought Lottie , just brill. Well Done Chris. From GARGRAVE.