Christian Jessen to test homosexual therapies for Cure Me, I’m Gay – Channel 4

dr christian jessen

Christian Jessen is prepared to put his money where his mouth is and test out some new ‘therapies’ which claim to cure people from being gay.

The TV doctor will be fronting new Channel 4 show ‘Cure Me, I’m Gay’ and will be looking at various so called ‘experts’ and programmes which claim they can ‘cure’ homosexuality.

Christian is openly gay and in a long-term relationship. He admitted recently that he’s faced discrimination over his sexuality and told Ditch The Label:

“There is a massive prejudice around being a gay doctor. It was different for me as I have never been ‘obviously’ gay and so people are often surprised when they find out. I have been exposed to off-the-cuff homophobic comments from other doctors, especially when being trained in sexual health.”

He added:

“I get quite a few hateful comments through Twitter. For instance, Alan Carr recently interviewed me on Channel 4 and spoke about my sexuality; within minutes I had lost 500 followers on Twitter, which was really sad. It’s sad to discover that some people still see it as being an issue. Twitter can be really grounding for that reason!”

Embarrassing Bodies Cancer Special

Christian will be investigating new cure therapies to find out if they can be harmful both physically and emotionally to patients.

He reveals over the course of the documentary that he has often had homosexual patients who are desperate to be straight.

After his own intense course of treatment he will take a sexuality test using an eye tracker and a device which measures sexual arousal.

Christian will also speak to people who claim to be straight as a result of the therapies and he’ll ask them to take a lie detector test to prove their claims.

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One Response to “Christian Jessen to test homosexual therapies for Cure Me, I’m Gay – Channel 4”

  1. Sherri Gray says:

    Dr. Jessen, I hope you’ll consider including my song, “Let Us Help You Pray The ‘Straight’ Away” in your upcoming series:). I’ll be performing it, as well as my marriage equality song (youtube viral) on 2/9/14, Fair Day in Sydney, Australia — the opening of the G&L Mardi Gras there. Thanks for listening…

    Sherri Gray