Christine’s ex husband Joe causes chaos in tonight’s Waterloo Road! BBC One

waterloo road

On tonight’s Waterloo Road Christine suffers a set back and is shocked by the surprise arrival of her ex husband Joe, who demands to speak to her about the contents of his father’s will. He also expresses an interest in getting to know his own son Connor, who he has never before made contact with, leaving Christine worried and stressed about the implications.

She tries to cover up his dad’s arrival at first, but as she gets discovered lying about Joe, Connor hits out at his mother, not realising that his long lost dad is manipulating the situation. It turns out that Joe has only returned as he wants his former wife to sign away her rights to a farmhouse that was left to her by his late father.

waterloo road christine joe

The whole saga pushes Christine into a very dark place and after Michael ignores her cries for help, she hits the bottle and turns to her old pal vodka for support. When Connor realises his mother is drinking in school again he declares he’s had enough and is going to reside with his father.

In a desperate bid to keep a hold of her son, she tells some massive lies about Joe’s past but later tells Michael what actually happened all those years ago. The sharing session results in a new intimacy between the pair.

waterloo road connor joe

Elsewhere, Nikki continues to bully Scout but Barry Barry gets involved and reveals a surprising home truth, which causes her to change her approach. Sian then tries to a ‘divide and conquer’ the Barry family – believing that Barry Barry has too much power over his siblings, Dynasty and Kacey.

Elsewhere, guilt consumes Connor and he considers telling Imogen the truth about the fire which scarred her.

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