Christmas Day 2013: Don’t miss ‘Gone With The Wind’

by Martin

Gone With The Wind 2This is your 30 minute warning!

‘Gone With The Wind’ is quite a long film so if you don’t have the time to be watching it right now then make sure you set it to record on your Sky TV or Virgin service.

This 1939 classic is a favourite year in year out and is set during the American Civil War. The highly rated film stars Barbara O’Neil and Olivia De Havilland.

Personally, due to it’s length and the fact it’s a romance I wouldn’t recommend sitting the kids in front of the TV for this one. Instead send them off to play with their toys if you want some peace and quiet.

If you haven’t seen ‘Gone With The Wind’ before then we may as well find out a little bit about it before you commit to a few hours worth of viewing.


‘Gone With The Wind’ is an tale of a woman’s life during the American Civil War which for America was one of the most turbulent periods in their history.

The story follows the Scarlett O’Hara – a young woman, through the streets of Atlanta which of course has been hugely affected by the war.

‘Gone With The Wind’ introduces viewers to her first love and then onto incredible scenes of starvation and poverty.


The movie continues to explore the young woman from her innocence as she begins to understand and gain a wider view on life.

When the film was first released it broke attendance records everywhere and returned a gross rental (the share that the studio would take) of $32 million during its initial release which back then was an incredible amount of money.

The AFI ranked the film in fourth on its “100 Greatest Movies” list in 1998 but in 2007 it had slipped down to sixth place. However for a film that was first released in 1939 this is still a fantastic achievement to be ranked so high.