Christmas Day 2013: Don’t miss the ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special’

by Martin
Mrs Brown's Boys

Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas SpecialThis is your 30 minute warning!

Phew, so we all made it. Christmas Day 2013 is almost over but we’re not quite there yet and let’s face it. Christmas day actually lasts quite a few days anyway.

We at Unreality TV truly hope you’ve all had a fantastic day with your loved ones and that you all got what you wanted but the TV is where it’s at and the ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special’ is always a classic.

It’s been a great day of television although let’s be honest that hasn’t been the focus on today though it’s great for having it on the background.

In half an hour (21:30) we’ll see Brendan O’Carroll return once again with his family as the foul-mouthed Mrs Brown in the first of two festive specials with the New Years special airing on Monday the 29th of December.

Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special

Christmas for the Brown family is just around the corner but nothing ever goes to plan and Mrs Brown has a huge problem.

Nobody seems to know what Bono – her grandson wants for his Christmas this year and he’s already posted his letter to Santa before anyone could take a look at it.

Obviously little Bono wouldn’t be happy telling anyone else as the letter was meant for Santa but how will they know what was on that letter?

Meanwhile at a family gaming night Mrs Brown struggles when it comes to controlling her temper because none of the guests want to play by her rules.

Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special

As for the Christmas tree, well that shouldn’t be a problem (remember last year?) well she’s having a special one delivered! Though that doesn’t sound good.

Though not for everyone the ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special’ is sure to bring laughter and joy for the whole family (except the wee ones) as we begin to wrap Christmas day up for another year.

Watch an official trailer for last years ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special’.

Remember – half an hour until this years special begins on BBC One.