Christopher and His Kind: Matt Smith hopes new role will stop him being typecast as Doctor Who

Matt Smith is eager to show that being a Timelord isn’t all he can do and has admitted that he is hoping his risqué new role will prove to people that there is more to him than Doctor Who.

The 28-year-old actor, who gained notoriety when he landed a role in the hit BBC time travel show, said he wants his portrayal of a young gay author in ‘Christopher and His Kind’ to show his diversity.

He said: “Hopefully people see me as actor who can adapt to different roles and I’m very grateful to ‘Doctor Who’ for giving me the platform to do it – it’s one of the favourable things about having a great role like that.

“But hopefully, watching this, you don’t see the Doctor.”

The star added that playing Christopher Isherwood – a 1970s pioneer of open sexuality – in the new drama was difficult because he was aware he has to separate the character from the time-travelling Doctor.

When asked if he found the role a personal challenge, he confessed: “Challenging the perception that I can only be one thing, yes. I mean, I always want to do varied work that is challenging – this is a great story

“I don’t think it has any bearing on whether I’m straight or purple or Bognor Regis or whatever; you can be anything. The point is you pretend and make it all up. I’m just an actor playing a part.”