Citizen Khan Christmas Special 2013: Can Mr Khan get the very last Christmas tree in Sparkhill?!

citizen khan christmas 2013
When we rejoin the mental mayhem for the Citizen Khan Christmas special, it’s Christmas Eve and Mrs Khan has decided to have a traditional family Christmas, their first one ever.

Mr Khan is very ‘bah-humbug’ about the whole thing, and he thinks Christmas is just an excuse for people to get ripped off and he believes the Khans have the perfect reason not to celebrate it – they’re Muslim!

We also see that Mr Khan is collecting the family’s ‘unwanted’ items for the Mosque charity collection – the biggest donor will be named ‘Muslim of the Month’. Nevertheless, Mrs Khan sends him off to buy a tree and some decorations while she and the rest of the family set about trying to prepare to stuff their first Christmas turkey!

Mr Khan subsequently arrives at the Mosque only to find that it’s closed for Christmas! However, much to Mr Khan’s bemusement, the Mosque committee is holding a Christmas Fayre in the Community Centre next door.

But things take a turn for the worse when he realises he’s accidentally dumped Mrs Khan’s favourite family heirloom in the charity collection!

citizen khan christmas 2013

Mr Khan has to go to extraordinary lengths to try and get it back and also bag the very last Christmas tree in Sparkhill.

But will he get back home in time and in one piece, to make this a Khan Christmas to remember?

citizen khan christmas 2013

Find out when this episode airs on December 20th on BBC1, but for now, here’s the show’s trailer…

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