Colin Baker denies reports that all Doctors are returning for Doctor Who 50th anniversary!

by Lisa McGarry

Colin Baker

Colin Baker has taken to Twitter to deny reports that all living actors who have previously take on the lead role in Doctor Who will be returning to the show for a special 50th anniversary celebratory episode.

It had been reported that all 11 previous incarnations of the Doctor would make a comeback, including David Tennant, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and even Christopher Eccleston; who has frequently said that he wouldn’t consider coming back to the BBC show.

It was claimed that current star Matt Smith would appear alongside his predecessors in the special instalment, which would air in November this year.

However, Colin, who was the sixth actor to play the Doctor, says he has heard nothing about the plans and certainly hasn’t been asked to take part.


The 69 year old – who recently took part in reality TV series I’m A Celebrity – tweeted:

“Alas apart from The Big Finish plans I am not aware of any 50th stories nor have I been approached.”

It seems that not all his fans believed him though and one suggested that he could be trying to throw them off the scent, to keep the plans secret. Colin replied:

“There’s no point in me tweeting if you don’t believe me.”


David Tennant is staying tight lipped about his involvement in the sci fi show too and on a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross show he revealed just what lengths show bosses will go to to keep him quiet. He told the chat show host:

“I’ll tell you how terrified they are. In make-up tonight, this lovely lady came in, who I never met before, and went ‘I’m from the BBC,’ and I went, ‘oh, hello, nice to meet you!’ And she said ‘I’ve been sent to say that anything about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary must not be mentioned on television.’ That’s how scared they are! I don’t know anything, I’ve got nothing to tell ya, and they’re sending out spies to shut me up from telling you things I don’t know!”

Do you believe the men or are they trying to throw us off scent? Watch the interview and leave your comments below…