Colin Morgan spills the beans on new series of Merlin!

by Lynn Connolly

Merlin is back on BBC1 on Saturday for a fourth series, and Colin Morgan – who of course plays the title role – has been telling What’s On TV magazine what we can expect in the new series.

Of the first episode, he said, “The series kicks off one year after the last series, with celebrations in Camelot in full swing and all the knights are there.

“It’s a special day on which people remember the dead and remember all those that we’ve lost.

“The theory is that on this special day, the veil between the real world and the spirit world is at its thinnest.

“Morgana sacrifices her sister Morgause to split the veil – and all these terrifying creatures come out, which leads to all sorts of problems.”

And when asked, “What can you tell us about the creatures?” Colin replied, “They almost appear like a small child and then they sort of turn into something like a skull!

“They only function at night and are really creepy. It looks like a shadow at first and then you only see it’s true form in the moment of it coming at you.

“I think people will be scared of this because we all have to gather around light to be safe and if you venture out of the light you’re a goner.”

Of the rumoured “darker tones” to the new series of Merlin, Colin remarked, “It’s really cool to see the show is not afraid to go in those directions at the same time as still making it suitable for everyone.

“The series starts with a two-parter that seems to play on that childhood fear I think we’ve all had of being afraid of the dark and what’s in the dark and what’s lurking out there.”

“Every episode we’ve done I’ve been so excited about. In previous years you get an episode that’s a little bit light-hearted or it’s trying to break the tone and it’s trying to do something a bit lighter.

“There are lighter elements in these episodes, but it’s continuous in storylines. It’s feeling almost like an American season of episodes in a way. That’s what it feels like to me.”

And finally, WOTV asked, “What can you reveal about Merlin in future episodes?” to which Colin replied, “Something terrible happens in the third episode…

“It’s not just a blow to his self confidence, but a blow to everything.

“The future then looks bleak as he’s meant to ensure the future of magic and what happens, what he’s done, leads to the complete opposite.”

Don’t miss the return of Merlin this Saturday on BBC1 at 7:50pm.

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