Collision premieres on ITV1

by Lisa McGarry


Detective Inspector John Tolin (Douglas Henshall) returns to work after an extended period of leave following the tragic death of his wife. Tolin is a damaged man, but he’s anxious to move on and get back to work.

His first case is an investigation into multiple pile up on the A12 – not normally a matter for their department but this case is different.

The Assistant Commander Donald Fraser (Pip Torrens) is worried that the police are to be to be blamed. Two of their officers, PC Sanjay Gopal (Sushil Chudasama) and PC Alan Clacy (Andrew Brooke) were in pursuit of a BMW with a black driver Gareth Clay (Anwar Lynch) and a black passenger Alice Jackson (Lenora Crichlow), who died in the accident. Her father is alleging racism and is threatening legal action.

To make matters worse property tycoon Richard Reeves (Paul McGann), was also involved in the accident. Fraser knows that a hint of police culpability and his lawyers will be all over them.

A van used by a furniture company ‘Home to Bed’ was found abandoned at the scene of the accident. Fraser wants to know all the details of this accident, he needs to cover his back.

As Tolin begins the task of sifting through the case files he uncovers the events and twists of fate that led the victims to be on this road at the same time.

The day before the Collision:
Brothers, Jeff (Craig Kelly) and Dan Rampton (Dean Lennox Kelly) have driven their van to a garage but this is no routine service. In six hours Dan will be taking the van to Holland for an unscheduled pick up. Jeff is anxious about what they are about to do, but Dan assures him it’ll be okay, and reminds him he is doing it for his wife, Sandra (Zoe Telford) and his child.

Sidney Norris (David Bamber) is having a furtive conversation, about a borrowed DVD, that is abruptly halted when Sidney’s landlady, Mrs Whitfield, comes to the door.

Alice Jackson is about to go out on a date with her boyfriend Gareth when her over-protective father reminds her not to be late for her mother’s fiftieth birthday the next day

The day of the collision;
Jane Tarrant (Lucy Griffiths) is making her boyfriend Dave a packed lunch when out of the blue he proposes to her. This should be a happy event, but for Jane, who has dreams of romance and foreign countries, a proposal over a cheese and pickle sandwich and a reception at the local social-club does not fulfil any of them, but she doesn’t know how to tell him.

Karen Donnelly (Claire Rushbrook) – a P.A at H.D.C, a multinational chemicals company sits at her desk, but she is extremely nervous. As soon as her boss leaves for an afternoon meeting, Karen sneaks into his office and starts to surreptitiously download files from his computer.

Brian Edwards (Phil Davis) is arranging a visit to a nursing home for his invalid Mother-in-law, Joyce (Sylvia Syms). Her constant demands have driven him and his wife Christine (Jan Francis) to distraction. Moving Joyce into a nursing home would help them to regain their lives. But neither Christine nor Joyce know about his plans.

Property tycoon Richard Reeves is on his way back from a site meeting in Hamburg inspects the site of one of his new developments in Hamburg, to attend a charity function that his wife is organising, which he has promised not to be late for.

Karen Donnelly has returned home anxious about the documents she has downloaded from HDC and calls someone, arranging to meet them, but outside her house a car pulls up – is she being followed?

Sidney Morris is a private piano teacher. He finishes giving a lesson to a young boy and meets his internet friend Ed, in a café. Their conversation is candid, excitedly talking about the DVD, but what are they up to?

Dan is on his way back from Holland. He manages to get through customs unheeded and it looks like he is in the clear. He has arranged to meet someone at the service station, on the A12, but when he arrives, his contact is not there. An angry phone call sees him going back to his van – heading back to the road.

Everyone’s journeys begin to converge: Richard Reeves is running late for his wife’s charity event. Brian Edwards heads onto the same dual carriageway, with Joyce in the passenger seat, but when she realises that they are not heading to where she thought, starts to lose her temper. Karen Donnelly heads nervously towards her meeting, a printed copy of the downloaded documents on her back seat. Gareth and Alice are driving back for Alice’s mother’s birthday party. The policemen Gopal and Clacy, see their BMW speed past, and chase after them. Sidney is returning to have to dinner with his landlady when he suddenly raises his arm, seemingly in anger. His car swerves, and before his actions can be realised, the lives of all these characters collide.

Monday, 9 November 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

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