Come Dine With Me: Jubilee Special (VIDEO) Kerry Katona told Cheryl Fergison “I can’t be eating this s***!”

Channel 4 have recorded a Celebrity Come Dine With Me special featuring former EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison, dance pro Lionel Blair, the fossilized remains of Keith Harris and his puppet Orville and reality TV ‘star’ Kerry Katona.

And as Kerry – despite frequently declaring she’s broke – has recently spent £8,500 on liposuction, when she saw that a breakfast fry-up was on Cheryl’s menu, she elegantly declared, “I’ve just had a tummy tuck I can’t be eating this s***!”

She added, “This is a lot of fried food, it’s not good for my belly this.”

However, rather ridiculously, Kerry’s own menu included fish and chips with a pudding of ice cream.

A friend of Kerry’s – yes, apparently she has one, though paid or unpaid hasn’t been revealed – told the Daily Star, “She was really stressed as she is a useless cook.

“She can barely boil an egg and always lives on ready meals. So she thought she’d keep it simple and made her favourite dish, fish and chips…

“As for dessert, she was totally stumped, but then one of her mates suggested getting an ice cream van round so people could choose what they fancied.”

Meanwhile, ancient entertainers Lionel and Keith indulged in a spot of name dropping, with Keith revealing that he was asked to perform with Orville at Prince William and Prince Harry’s birthday parties when they were children, and Lionel boasted that Ricky Gervais and Peter Kay had phone him to ask him to star in their respective acts.

Cheryl – who of course played Heather Trott – is seen to be irritated by Lionel’s relentless boasting, and horrified when Kerry asked Lionel if he’d ever had a “back, sack and crack” wax, which he said he hadn’t.

O god.

You can watch this special edition of Come Dine With Me: Jubilee Special – All in One by clicking here.


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