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Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights to return to TV & stage!

phoenix nights 1

After a year away from the media spotlight, Peter Kay has confirmed that he will be performing seven live Phoenix Night’s themed stage shows as part of his Comic Relief contribution this year, and happily, Peter has also confirmed the return of the show to TV!

A source close to the star, who was at Friday’s Blackpool illuminations switch on, has revealed to The Mirror newspaper that Kay will begin promoting the new TV show after the charity stage shows have been performed.
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Dawn O’Porter, Chris O’Dowd announce pregnancy during Ice Bucket Challenge!

Chris O'Dowd and Dawn Porter

The IT Crowd star, Chris O’Dowd and his wife, TV presenter Dawn O’Porter, have revealed they are expecting their first baby together whilst taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that is drenching the nation.

The Irish actor and comedian, best known for his role as Roy Trenneman in the hit Channel 4 sitcom, The IT Crowd, posted a video of himself taking part in the challenge during which one of the people he nominated to take part next was “Baby O’Porter”.
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Keith Lemon to host new comedy sketch show! Why we can’t wait!

keith lemon

When you think of Keith Lemon you think of the funny, quirky strawberry blonde Celebrity Juice presenter, keeping us all entertained with his off the cuff remarks and mocking ways.

But those with long memories will know that the presenter, real name Leigh Francis, actually started out with his unique style of comedy sketch show.
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Former Corrie star Michelle Keegan turns down Celebrity Juice Captain job!

michelle keegan jonathan ross show 2

Oh dear, we think this might have lost her favour with Keith Lemon – Michelle Keegan has turned down a job at Celebrity Juice.

The former Coronation Street actress, whose character Tina McIntyre, was killed off in a big who-dunnit storyline earlier this year, seemed like the obvious choice to fill in as a team captain on the hugely popular ITV2 comedy quiz show, Celebrity Juice, to cover show regular Holly Willoughby for six episodes whilst she is on maternity leave later this year.
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Boomers: Alison Steadman & Philip Jackson shine in this promising sitcom

Boomers Cast

At times I find that people are a lot more critical of TV sitcoms than they ever are of dramas. I believe that this is because sitcoms are supposed to provoke one sort of reaction, namely laughter, something a lot of comedies of late have failed to do.

At the same time, comedy is incredibly subjective with the perfect example being Mrs Brown’s Boys, a sitcom that I think is woeful but it drew record figures with its most recent Christmas Special. I feel that BBC One’s latest sitcom Boomers will provoke the same mixed reaction, although at least it’s not all swearing and sight gags.

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Benidorm star Kenny Ireland has passed away aged 68

kenny ireland benidorm 1

It is with sadness that we have to report to you today that Benidorm star Kenny Ireland has died having lost his battle with cancer.

As we have previously reported the actor, who played swinger Donald Stewart in the hit ITV seasonal comedy, announced his diagnosis in June, forcing the writers of the hit comedy to write him out of the new series.
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Gavin & Stacey’s Barry Island house is up for sale!

gavin and stacey house 2

The house in Barry Island where half the filming for the hit BBC sitcom, Gavin & Stacey was filmed has gone up for sale!

The current owner of the property, Glenda Kenyon who has lived at the property situated in Trinity Street in the Welsh seaside town, has decided to sell the house after living there for the last 30 years.
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Jennifer Saunders wants EVERY Absolutely Fabulous guest star in movie & RIP Dora Bryan

absolutely fabulous

Actress, comedian, writer and all-round national treasure Jennifer Saunders has revealed this week that she wants to recall every single one of the guest stars who made appearances in her award-winning TV comedy series Absolutely Fabulous to star in the show’s spin-off movie.

So, we took a minute to check just how many stars that might be, and have complied a list for you to see just how monumental a task she has before her if she sees that through…
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Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll to host new chat show?

Mrs Brown's Boys 2

Mrs Brown’s Boys creator and main star, Brendan O’Carroll, is set to host a new chat show as his character, Mrs Brown, in a bid to become the new Mrs Merton, The Mirror newspaper reports.

According to the paper, the BBC are eager to get “the wheels in motion” for this new show, believing that the Irish comic, who can currently be seen in The Mrs Brown’s Boys feature film in cinemas, can attract the 11million viewers that the popular 90′s spoof chat show attracted.
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Mrs Brown’s Boys to go back on tour next year! Find out where here!

Mrs Brown's Boys

Mrs Brown is literally a household name these days (and not just in houses where the family’s surname is Brown) following the hit touring TV series and blockbuster, high-budget movie.

So it comes as no surprise then that the man behind the woman, Brendan O’Carroll, is bringing mammy back to a stage near you next year!
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Benidorm: Kenny Ireland battles cancer & Steve Pemberton discusses the Garvey family exit!

benidorm donald jacquelie

Benidorm actor Kenny Ireland is battling cancer, it has been reported this morning.

The star, who plays the Solana resident swinger Donald, pulled out of the new series of the hit ITV summer sitcom after being diagnosed, understandably, with writers frantically re-writing their plotlines as a result.

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BBC2 to air Rik Mayall Bottom tribute as Noble England races to No1

Rik Mayall

In light of the sad news that British comedy legend Rik Mayall passed away last week, the BBC have decided to pay tribute to him and some of his best loved characters and their contributions to British TV’s comedy history.

Tomorrow night, Sunday June 15th,  BBC2 will replace its scheduled repeat episode of QI, and instead will show a classic episode of Bottom, entitled Gas.
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Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie: Watch the first HILARIOUS clip!

mrs browns boys dmovie

We are literally chomping at the bit to get our tickets to see Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie, so imagine how pleased we were that the lovely people involved have given us a little taster of what is in store.

There is always the chance that when something so loved and cherished on the small screen is taken and made into a feature length movie, it will lose some of its charm along the way and in the case of Mrs Brown’s Boy’s that chance is even greater as one of the things that makes the Irish comedy so unique and special is that, whilst being filmed in front of a live theatre audience, the cast play up to their surroundings, deliberately delighting the crowd by pointing out mistakes and production mishaps along the way.

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Harry Hill talks X Factor musical axe, new TV projects & NO more TV Burp!


Following reports that he will not be making any more series’ of TV Burp, Harry Hill has confirmed that he is working on new material for our tellyboxes!

The comedian, who admitted that he found the concept of TV Burp too exhausting despite its huge popularity, has been talking to the Daily Express newspaper and has revealed that he has been exploring ideas for shows that he has kept safely stored in his imagination, until now.

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Carrie Fisher blasts Alan Carr for gay jibes & guess what she was asked to do for Star Wars?

carrie fisher alan carr

It has not been a good month for Alan Carr, Chatty Man.

Last week the TV funny man was attacked by a python (by python we mean Monty Python star John Cleese, and by attacked we meant had WKD and Bombay mix thrown at him) and now he has been blasted by a Princess!

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