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Peter Kay to star in new Only Fools And Horse style sitcom, Cradle to Grave!


Well, it seems that stand-up comedian and comedy actor Peter Kay wasn’t joking when he said he had a busy year coming up!

As we have previously reported, Kay is due to return to our screens shortly with a new series of his hit show Phoenix Nights, after taking it on a road tour, as well as making a special for Comic Relief.
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Katie Hopkins slams Katie Price’s baby name, talks field sex & fat peeps

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has become renowned over the past few years for being the person to say whatever she pleases about just about anyone she claps eyes on, mostly just to get her name mentioned in the media we hasten to add.

Now it would seem that the opinionated, self-righteous (we would put her profession in here, but we can’t for the life of us work out what that is) has turned her spiteful attentions to Katie Price.
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Bad Education Review: Jack Whitehall’s school sitcom returns for more of the same

Bad Education Cast

Two years ago, Jack Whitehall first showed us all that he could both act in a sitcom and author it when Bad Education made its debut on BBC3. Although I wasn’t totally won over by the first episode I enjoyed the energy that Whitehall put into his role as awful teacher Alfie Wickers. As the series progressed I noted that the stronger episodes were the ones that Whitehall had co-written leading me to believe that he’s a talented writer but one who needs another person to bounce ideas off. So I had high hopes for the opening episode of Bad Education’s third series which was written by Whitehall alongside Freddy Syborn.

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Celebrity Juice: Gino D’Acampo to cover Holly’s maternity leave – Who needs Michelle Keegan?


After the weeks of endless speculation over whether or not former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan would be filling in for pregnant Holly Willoughby as Celebrity Juice team captain whilst she takes maternity leave, it has now been revealed that Good Morning star Gino D’Acampo will be filling in instead.

As we have previously reported, Keegan was first approached to take the temporary position, but reportedly turned it down wanting to focus on new acting roles since her Corrie departure earlier this year.
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Pamela Stephenson says Billy Connolly is laughing off his illness!

Billy Connolly

Following the news last year that Scottish comedian Billy Connolly had been diagnosed with both Parkinson’s disease AND cancer, his wife Pamela Stephenson has spoken out about how he is coping.

Billy Connolly is a national treasure who has been keeping us entertained for years with his stand-up routines and film roles, so we were all very sad to hear what he is now having to go through.
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Joanna Page hints at Gavin & Stacey the movie!


Gavin & Stacey star, Joanna Page, has confirmed that there are no plans to bring out a new series of the hit show, but has revealed there might be a film in the works.

The comedy captured the heart of our nation as we became universally addicted to watching the simple love story of two people from different parts of the country unravel.
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Celebrity Juice: Keith Lemon says Michelle Keegan DID accept captain job – Then pulled out!

text santa coronation street michelle keegan

As we have previously reported, former Coronation Street star, Michelle Keegan, had been approached by ITV to cover Holly Willoughby’s maternity leave on its hit comedy panel show, Celebrity Juice.

It seemed like the perfect role for her to take following her dramatic exit in Corrie, seeing as she was a regular guest on the show and had some time to kill whilst she weighed up her options, career wise.
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Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights to return to TV & stage!

phoenix nights 1

After a year away from the media spotlight, Peter Kay has confirmed that he will be performing seven live Phoenix Night’s themed stage shows as part of his Comic Relief contribution this year, and happily, Peter has also confirmed the return of the show to TV!

A source close to the star, who was at Friday’s Blackpool illuminations switch on, has revealed to The Mirror newspaper that Kay will begin promoting the new TV show after the charity stage shows have been performed.
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Dawn O’Porter, Chris O’Dowd announce pregnancy during Ice Bucket Challenge!

Chris O'Dowd and Dawn Porter

The IT Crowd star, Chris O’Dowd and his wife, TV presenter Dawn O’Porter, have revealed they are expecting their first baby together whilst taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that is drenching the nation.

The Irish actor and comedian, best known for his role as Roy Trenneman in the hit Channel 4 sitcom, The IT Crowd, posted a video of himself taking part in the challenge during which one of the people he nominated to take part next was “Baby O’Porter”.
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Keith Lemon to host new comedy sketch show! Why we can’t wait!

keith lemon

When you think of Keith Lemon you think of the funny, quirky strawberry blonde Celebrity Juice presenter, keeping us all entertained with his off the cuff remarks and mocking ways.

But those with long memories will know that the presenter, real name Leigh Francis, actually started out with his unique style of comedy sketch show.
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Former Corrie star Michelle Keegan turns down Celebrity Juice Captain job!

michelle keegan jonathan ross show 2

Oh dear, we think this might have lost her favour with Keith Lemon – Michelle Keegan has turned down a job at Celebrity Juice.

The former Coronation Street actress, whose character Tina McIntyre, was killed off in a big who-dunnit storyline earlier this year, seemed like the obvious choice to fill in as a team captain on the hugely popular ITV2 comedy quiz show, Celebrity Juice, to cover show regular Holly Willoughby for six episodes whilst she is on maternity leave later this year.
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Boomers: Alison Steadman & Philip Jackson shine in this promising sitcom

Boomers Cast

At times I find that people are a lot more critical of TV sitcoms than they ever are of dramas. I believe that this is because sitcoms are supposed to provoke one sort of reaction, namely laughter, something a lot of comedies of late have failed to do.

At the same time, comedy is incredibly subjective with the perfect example being Mrs Brown’s Boys, a sitcom that I think is woeful but it drew record figures with its most recent Christmas Special. I feel that BBC One’s latest sitcom Boomers will provoke the same mixed reaction, although at least it’s not all swearing and sight gags.

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Benidorm star Kenny Ireland has passed away aged 68

kenny ireland benidorm 1

It is with sadness that we have to report to you today that Benidorm star Kenny Ireland has died having lost his battle with cancer.

As we have previously reported the actor, who played swinger Donald Stewart in the hit ITV seasonal comedy, announced his diagnosis in June, forcing the writers of the hit comedy to write him out of the new series.
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Gavin & Stacey’s Barry Island house is up for sale!

gavin and stacey house 2

The house in Barry Island where half the filming for the hit BBC sitcom, Gavin & Stacey was filmed has gone up for sale!

The current owner of the property, Glenda Kenyon who has lived at the property situated in Trinity Street in the Welsh seaside town, has decided to sell the house after living there for the last 30 years.
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Jennifer Saunders wants EVERY Absolutely Fabulous guest star in movie & RIP Dora Bryan

absolutely fabulous

Actress, comedian, writer and all-round national treasure Jennifer Saunders has revealed this week that she wants to recall every single one of the guest stars who made appearances in her award-winning TV comedy series Absolutely Fabulous to star in the show’s spin-off movie.

So, we took a minute to check just how many stars that might be, and have complied a list for you to see just how monumental a task she has before her if she sees that through…
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