Comic-Con: Family Guy Panel – One main cast member to be killed off, cast to become fairytale characters in one episode and Peter marries Chris


Family Guy returned to Comic-Con once again yesterday, but the presence of series creator, Seth MacFarlane was sorely missed.

Meanwhile, Mila Kunis who voices Meg was on the panel along with Mike Henry (Cleveland), Patrick Warburton (Joe), Alex Borstein (Lois) and Seth Green (Chris). Executive producers and showrunners Steve Callaghan and Rich Appel were also around along with executive producer Danny Smith.

Prior to the cast and crew arriving on stage, a video featuring Seth MacFarlane was played in which he apologized for not being at the convention and not “shaking a thousand strange hands and being coughed on”.

The panel opened with a HUGE spoiler that one of the main cast members are going to killed off in season 12. It wasn’t made clear whether the said character would be killed off for good or whether it’s a temporary thing, but what they did reveal is that the said character will be replaced with a new character.

Callaghan said: “It could be anyone, any one of our six main cast”.


Green asked: “Is it Brian,” he also joked: “We’re going to remove all the color from Pepsi and see if you want to drink it”.

Borstein joked that Warburton’s mother would be relieved if his character, Joe, was killed off. She said: “She doesn’t get it”, adding that she’s sent formal complaints to the FCC. Whether she’s joking or not… we don’t know!

A clip full of jokes from the forthcoming twelfth season was also show in which Peter Griffin speaks with a monkey rabbi and Darth Vader, he pushes Meg into her own grave at her own funeral in which he drunkenly switches cars with a drunk Joe Swanson, pulling him over in his own cop car and forcing Joe to walk in a straight line (which of course, he can’t). Stewie makes fun of Adam Levine’s voice and Chris dresses up as a condom for Halloween.

Meg is asked about her “abortion stance” in which she spreads her legs and squats.


It was also revealed that somehow, Chris and Peter will get married in one of the episodes so Peter can get access to his father-in-law’s fortune after Pewterschmidt takes shine to Chris and puts him in his will.

Another episode is based around fairytales in which Stewie becomes Little Red Riding Hood, Brian is the wolf, Lois becomes Cinderella and Peter is Jack whilst Chris is the giant up the beanstalk. No mention of Meg… she’ll probably end up becoming one of the ugly sisters.

The new Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode was also teased, but it wasn’t made crystal clear whether it will air this year or next.

Gallagher teased that there “may or may not be a five-minute chicken fight between Peter and Homer”.

The question as to whether the Cleveland Show has been cancelled or not was addressed. It was revealed that the Cleveland Show family will move back to Spooner Street and Cleveland and Peter will rekindle their relationship.


When asked about a possible Family Guy movie, Green told the audience: “There is an idea, and we’d like to do at some point… It will happen but we don’t know when”.

The new season of Family Guy kicks off on FOX on September 29.

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    Lets hope its not like the last 3 seasons….lets hope,It seems this show is flatlining.

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