Comic-Con: The Big Bang Theory Panel – Johnny Galeki becomes Pincess Leia and Sheldon and Amy will probably never “do the nasty”


Our favourite nerdy comedy TV show attended our favourite annual geek fest yesterday, what could be better?

Once again, The Big Bang Theory took to the stage to give fans an insight inside the writers’ room and have a look at what may be coming up.

Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) moderated the panel and there was a surprise appearance from Johnny Galecki (Leonard) half way through the panel. Otherwise, Steve Molaro (executive producer and showrunner), Bill Brady (co-creator and executive producer), Dave Goetsch (Co-Executive Producer), Eric Kaplan (co-EP), Jim Reynolds (co-EP), Steve Holland (co-EP), Maria Ferrari (co-EP) and David Saltzberg (science advisor) were present on the panel.

Before the panel kicked off, fans of the show were treated to a special pre-recorded video from Stephen Hawking. He apologized for not being at the event, but he got a flat tire! “I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there. I got a flat tire” he quipped. He also went on to speak the lyrics of the theme song via his voice synthesizer.

The geekiest bits from season 6 were also shown along with the cast’s Star Trek: Next Generation photoshoot. The ladies also had an argument over the power of Thor’s Hammer.

Galeki told the audience: “I know everyone says they have the best fans in the world, but they’re misleading you, because this show has the best fans in the world”.

That is after he turned up in a circa-Return of the Jedi Princess Leia costume. He asked a question, but the answer didn’t quite satisfy him in which Rauch asked “Who are you?” and he replied “Someone who loves you” as he removed his mask!


One fan asked if Sheldon and Amy will ever consummate their relationship. Rauch reworded the question to: “Will they do the nasty?”

Steve Holland went on to speak about the couple’s RPG scene from season 6, in which Sheldon and Amy sat in Sheldon’s room and the board game said he had to massage Amy’s…nose!

Reynolds quipped: “Once you erotically massage someone’s nose, we all know what happens next”.

“Part of its charm is that it moves at a glacial pace. That way, the show can go on a lot longer. I mean, a lot of us have kids who need to go to college” he continued. Well… I’m not complaining. Bring on season 16!

Not much was revealed in terms of spoilers as the forthcoming season doesn’t enter production until next month.

The writers revealed that we’re most likely never going to meet the elusive Mrs. Wolowitz – the screeching mother of Howard Wolowitz. Although, in the last season we did catch a glimpse of her walking through the kitchen when Raj went for dinner.


One fan also asked if it was harder to write the science or the geekery, in which Steve Holland joked: “Believe it or not, we’re all pretty comfortable with the geekery”.

The big finish came from a boy in the audience named Jonah, he revealed he had come to the Big Bang Theory Comic-Con panel as part of his Make-A-Wish request.

He asked if the writers had ever thought of doing an episode of the show at Comic-Con – but, with production only getting started in August ever year, it would make it awkward to fit around the schedule.

Chuck Lorre said: “We’re an indoor cat”.

The Big Bang Theory returns to FOX on Thursday, September 26 at 8/7c.