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On Monday, the mobile that Whitney’s been handed by Tony’s friend rings, but she leaves it ringing. As the call goes to voicemail, Tony leaves a message, claiming that he loves her and asks for her to return his calls. As Whitney listens to the message, she has to hide the phone when Bianca wanders in and suggests a shopping trip.

Ryan tries to make contact with Whitney, but she also ignores his call, choosing instead to quiz Bianca over her motives for taking her shopping. Bianca’s upset when Whitney suggests that Bianca only wants to take her shopping as a reward for appearing in court. Hurt, Bianca reminds Whitney that her birthday’s looming. When Bianca leaves, Whitney contemplates calling Tony back.

Later, Ryan forces his way into Pat’s house to see Whitney, but she explains that she wants him out of her life as Tiffany’s the only family she needs.

Whitney then receives another text from Tony and she replies with a one-word answer. In his cell, Tony reads the text and smiles to himself. Later, Whitney’s familiarising herself with the courtroom with Ms Gilroy, the witness service officer, and when Bianca talks to their barrister Vivien Easley QC, it all becomes too much for Whitney and she snaps at Bianca for interfering.

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On their return home, Whitney’s devastated to find that the phone Tony had delivered to her has been accidentally soaked in tea by Tiffany. Whitney tries to piece it back together, but to no avail. With that, Whitney shouts at Tiffany who then cries. Whitney then scoops Tiffany into her arms and the pair have a cuddle.

Ricky and Bianca rush in to see what the commotion’s about, and when left alone to argue with Whitney, Ricky boils over and reveals that he’s Tiffany’s biological father. Whitney’s stunned while Bianca’s furious that Ricky dropped such a bombshell on Whitney so close to the trial.

Elsewhere, Max forges Rachel’s signature on the unsigned cheque she gave him and later, he meets Bradley and Syd at the tube station and lies that Rachel still isn’t up to having visitors.

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Meanwhile, Jean visits Stacey in the hospital, much to Stacey’s displeasure. Jean tries to persuade Stacey to return home, but Stacey’s distracted by her new friend Becca, but eventually, Stacey tells Jean that she has nothing to return to Walford for, leaving Jean devastated. Later, Jean’s thoughtful when she sees that Bradley’s back on the Square and wonders if he’s an incentive for Stacey to reconsider her decision.

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Also, Ian logs on to an online dating service, before Janine gives him her mobile number along with a glimpse of her suspenders. He later meets with his online date, Fiona, in the Vic, but he’s left embarrassed that she has to pay for the champagne when Ryan demands the money.

And finally, Archie questions Janine’s loyalties and ultimately, her relationship with Ryan.

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On Tuesday, Tony’s desperate and calls Whitney again, asking why she hasn’t returned any of his calls. Whitney, however, is on the sofa asleep at Ryan and Janine’s flat, cradling an empty bottle of vodka. Ryan informs a panicky Bianca that he’s found Whitney, but lies as to her whereabouts. Bianca, meanwhile, reluctantly calls Ricky to let him know that Whitney’s safe, following the revelation about Tiffany’s paternity.

As Whitney’s being sick, Ryan and Janine agree that they’ll tell Bianca about Whitney the following morning. With Whitney sleeping in Ryan’s bed, Janine offers to share her bed with him. Ryan, however, turns her down and she’s left feeling a little humiliated.

The next day, Tiffany wanders into Whitney’s room singing happy birthday but she’s confused to find Bianca sitting on the bed. In the café, Janine tells Pat where Whitney is, and just as Whitney wakes, Pat and Ricky are looming over her. Whitney maintains that Ryan’s gone to find her real mother, Debra, so they can be a family again. On her reluctant return home to Pat’s, Bianca hugs Whitney, insisting that they’re a proper family and they’re there to support her.

Later, Whitney’s upset when Tiffany hands over her birthday present. After a chat about Tiffany, Ryan arrives at the house and reveals that he’s been unable to find their mum. In his prison cell, meanwhile, Tony takes the SIM card from his mobile and flushes it down the toilet…

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Meanwhile, Janine offers to work for Ian in return for dinner. Archie, however, isn’t pleased with her behaviour towards Ian and insists that a softly-softly approach may be more apt. Later, Archie tells Janine that he’s been obsessed with her since they met. With that, he promptly produces a diamond ring and asks for her hand in marriage.

janine, ian, eastenders

A shocked Janine is cautious of his motives, but Archie states that he’s totally serious about her. Later, Ian turns up at her flat and mentions that he knows she’s working with Archie. Janine, however, dismisses his suggestions. Three bottles of wine later, Ian’s still muttering about Jane and talk soon turns to the bedroom department.

Ryan returns and finds Janine in her dressing gown and she complains of a headache, before retiring to her room. Janine stares at her bed and sees Ian sprawled out, drooling. What’s Janine’s game?

Elsewhere, Bradley visits his mother Rachel in hospital while Jean tries to coax Stacey home with the news that Bradley’s returned from Canada. Max confirms to Rachel that he’s cashed her cheque, but she reveals that she’s put a stop on it with the bank. Max realises that he’s been tricked and tries to talk his way out of it, but Rachel refuses to listen to his lies.

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Later, Jean asks Bradley to go with her to collect Stacey from the psychiatric hospital. Syd’s not happy when she hears about it, and on returning home, Max finds County Court bailiffs Tyler and Co., divvying up the family’s possessions as they explain that they’ll return on Friday to collect them if they don’t receive payment.

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On Thursday, as Vivien Easley QC explains court protocol to Whitney, Ryan turns up at the court. Whitney, however, is upset that he’s not been able to find Debra in time for the trial. Ricky, meanwhile, comforts Tiffany, who thinks that Whitney hates her. Seeing Tiffany and Ricky’s turmoil, Pat suggests that they tell Tiffany the truth, but Bianca doesn’t want Tiffany to know.

Later, Ricky looks into a room at the court and sees Bianca with her arm around Tiffany. Realising that Bianca’s telling Tiffany the truth, he opens the door and walks in. As he does, Tiffany rushes towards him and embraces her father. In the courtroom, Vivien Easley QC delivers her opening statement, while Tony stares at Ryan with contempt.

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Whitney appears on a monitor in the courtroom as her evidence from 12 months ago plays out to the judge, barristers, Tony and the jury. Tony shakes his head at what he’s hearing, and disgusted by Tony’s behaviour, Ryan walks out of the courtroom. It’s not long before he storms back in though, shouting at Tony and lunging at the glass screen. With that, Ryan’s ordered out of the court.

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As Whitney walks out of the video room, she spots Bianca trying to calm Ryan. On hearing about Ryan’s outburst, Whitney wanders into the courtroom in tears. Tony palms the glass and calls out her name while the usher attempts to remove Whitney from the room. As she’s being walked out, Whitney shouts that she lied about Tony and that nothing happened between them.

Meanwhile, Ian wakes next to Janine and he immediately offers her cash, but she flatly refuses. As he’s walking out, Ian hesitantly drops £30 on the kitchen table next to a disgusted Ryan. Ryan later drops by Ian’s house, hands back his cash and suggests that he fight for Jane if he loves her. While Ian attempts to call Jane, Janine goes to the Car Lot to see Archie and plays a video of her and Ian breathing heavily and groaning in bed together. At that moment, Janine removes her black glove and reveals the diamond ring Archie gave her the previous day. She exclaims: ‘My answer’s yes!’

Elsewhere, Phil calls Max asking for the cash he owes, and Max assures him that it’s all in hand. Max then goes to a pawn shop and walks out with £600, having sold his wedding ring and various other possessions He proceeds to ask Ian for a £15,000 loan, but Ian flatly refuses.

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Rachel then turns up on Max’s doorstep and offers him a £3,000 loan, but shortly after, Max panics when he spots Tyler and Co., forcing their way into his house with Abi inside. As Tyler begins removing Max’s possessions from the house, Tanya and Lauren return and are shocked by the scene.

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Meanwhile, Bradley lies to Syd about his plans for the day and heads out with Jean to collect Stacey, but Stacey’s furious that her mother lied to her. However, Stacey returns to the Square and while Jean goes to the shop, Bradley watches over Stacey. Stacey apologises to Bradley for how she treated him and Syd, prompting Bradley to tell Stacey that he can’t leave to be with Syd because he’s still in love with her. He also reveals that Syd’s asked him to adopt Noah, making his plight even more painful.

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On Friday, the QC attempts to calm Whitney down, but Whitney maintains that she wants to see Tony freed. Bianca attempts to support Whitney as she begins to question her actions. Bianca then asks Whitney to tell the truth to the court. Back in the courtroom, Whitney appears on the monitors and is cross-examined by Mrs Taylor. When asked whether she was jealous of Bianca, and numerous other personal questions, Whitney realises that Tony has revealed all about their relationship and her connection with Bianca. Mrs Taylor goes on to suggest that Whitney pursued Tony and that she’s lying about what really happened between them.

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Under pressure, Whitney begins to speak more confidently and openly about her relationship with Tony and reaffirms her claim that Tony raped and abused her as a child. Tony, meanwhile, strongly protests his innocence. Afterwards, Vivien Easley QC praises Whitney for the courage she showed in court and with that, Whitney hands her the mobile phone that Tony had sent to her at home. On her return to the Square, Pat, Ricky, Liam and Tiffany greet Whitney and she immediately shares a hug with Tiffany.

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Meanwhile, Bradley tells Stacey again that he loves her, but she insists that he’s confused. Bradley, however, assures her that he couldn’t stop thinking about her in Canada. Stacey soon confesses that she’s still in love with him, too, and before they know it, the pair share a kiss. Stacey’s wary of what their kiss means, but Bradley assures her that he’s made his decision and needs to tell Syd.

Later, Bradley informs Syd that he lied about going to see his mother and breaks the news to her that he’s not returning to Canada with her. Syd attempts to talk Bradley around but he’s adamant; it’s Stacey he loves. When Noah walks into the room however, Bradley feels guilty and as Syd asks him to reconsider, he’s left with an extremely difficult decision…

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Elsewhere, Tanya’s confused as Tyler and Mickey decide which items to remove from the house while Max insists that it’s all a big misunderstanding that he can easily sort out. Phil then wanders in, grabs Max and pushes him against the wall demanding his money. Tanya’s still totally confused, but when Phil reveals that Max has been stealing his clients’ insurance premiums, she’s seething. Tanya’s further outraged when she sees the £3,000 cheque from Rachel. And when she spots that he’s not wearing his wedding ring, he reluctantly confesses that he pawned it to raise funds.

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Dumbfounded by the whole situation, Tanya receives a call informing her that everything’s been taken from the salon. With that, Tanya frantically searches for the paperwork for Booty while Max goes to Booty and sees the bailiffs carrying everything out. Returning to the house, he walks in on Tanya closing a suitcase. Will Max be able to stop Tanya from walking out of his life?

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