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On Monday, having had a nightmare about Archie, Ronnie’s upset when she can’t find Roxy, but Jack soon comforts her. Staring out of the window, Ronnie spots DCI Marsden and with that, Ronnie insists to Jack that she’ll find out what happened to her father. On the Square, Roxy watches as the police remove the crime scene cordons, and when Ronnie arrives, the pair resolve to track down Archie’s killer.

Later, Ronnie finds Janine outside the Vic and Janine reveals her and Archie’s plan to convert the Vic into flats and claims that she could still continue with their money-making scheme as Archie didn’t change his will. Taunting Janine, Ronnie accuses her of killing both Danielle and Archie.

Ronnie observes DCI Marsden and the police question the locals over Archie’s murder. Before long, Ronnie mentions to Roxy that the rest of the Mitchell clan should be aware of Janine’s “games”. Spotting Marsden, Roxy asks if anyone’s been arrested, but Marsden asks to see Roxy’s hands.

Jack speculates that forensics may have found a nail or something and the police may be looking for someone who lost a fingernail. With that, Ronnie starts wondering if Janine has a missing nail. At the Minute Mart, Ronnie grabs Janine’s wrist, but she’s annoyed to discover that Janine’s nails are still intact.

Meanwhile, Marsden questions an irate Phil who demands that the police leave him alone. On seeing Marsden, Heather soon discovers that Phil’s lied about his alibi…

Meanwhile, Darren’s desperate to see Libby, but the Foxes don’t want him anywhere near her. Libby, however, wants to discover Darren’s motives for cheating on her with Heather. Following Libby, Denise spots Heather and yells that she and Darren have ruined Libby’s life.

Arriving at Minty’s flat, Libby, Denise and Chelsea verbally attack Darren while Manda tries to defend him. Later, at the swings, Libby demands answers from Darren as to why he didn’t wait for her to be his first, and Darren admits that she never made time for him. Turning up at Heather and Shirley’s flat, Libby listens to Heather take the blame for the whole situation. With that, she storms out and heads to the station.

Darren panics when he hears that Libby’s gone, and rushing outside, he spots her in the Square and runs towards her. Catching Libby at the station, he speaks from the heart and begs her to stay. Will Libby follow her heart or her head?

Elsewhere, Ronnie chats to Minty and her suspicions as to the identity of Archie’s killer are piqued. And later, Manda’s not impressed when Minty turns down her suggestion of a day out.

Also, Christian’s still upset in the wake of the wedding, especially as Zainab brags about Syed and Amira’s honeymoon and the possibility of Amira having children. At the Beales’ Peter advises Tamwar over what to do about Afia and Jane discovers that Zainab knows about Syed and Christian’s affair.

On Tuesday, Tamwar’s taken aback when Afia confronts him about not being a university student, and it’s not long before she dumps him.

Peter and Lauren have a heart-to-heart about their relationship, but he’s stunned when Lauren suggests that they call it a day. Lucy later discovers that Lauren ended things with Peter because of Max’s recent behaviour. Peter meets a guy called Leon in the Square, who introduces himself as his new school ‘buddy’. Meanwhile, having spotted Leon, Lucy decides to organise a party and steals her father’s keys to 89b George Street. Bumping into Todd, Lucy asks him along to the party and he seems keen. With that, he invites Whitey along too. Tempted, Whitney steals a T-shirt from the market.

At the tube station, a ticketless young girl called Zsa Zsa barges through the barriers and heads for the market. Feigning a sob story, she pinches a top from the market stall before chatting to a downtrodden Peter following his split with Lauren.

With the party in full swing at 89b, Peter reminds Lucy that they’ll get into trouble with Ian. Lucy, however, is preoccupied with Todd and goes to ask if he wants a drink. Angry at Lucy’s advances on Todd, Whitney leads him to the bedroom. There, they find a guy called Fatboy hiding under the bed reading a dirty magazine and Whitney spots a condom and pockets it. Sensing Whitney’s unease, Fatboy insists that he’s happy to wait until she’s ready.

Zsa Zsa turns up at the party at 89b and notices Peter, before teasing Tamwar when she spots him staring at her. Zsa Zsa and Peter dance and it’s not long before the pair share a kiss, just as Lauren walks in…

DCI Marsden questions Phil again following Heather’s revelation that he wasn’t with Shirley on Christmas night. Shirley admits to Phil that Heather told the police that he lied about his alibi and with that, Phil confronts a shaken Heather.

Marsden turns up at the house with a warrant and asks what Phil was wearing on the night of Archie’s murder. Phil initially panics when Shirley produces a shirt but is relieved to realise that it’s been cleaned.

Later, Peggy, Phil, Ronnie and Roxy discuss their next move, but nobody can agree on the best plan of action. Marsden however turns up to arrest one of them, but they’re incensed by the accusation and pin the blame on Peggy…

Elsewhere, Stacey spots a police car outside before reminding Bradley about her hospital appointment which prompts Bradley to suggest that he and Stacey start a new life away from Walford.

Also, Heather tells a furious Shirley that she told Marsden the truth that Phil wasn’t with them on Christmas night.

And Whitney and Todd find that Darren’s been sleeping rough while Adam teases Darren about a text message from Libby, and Minty makes a confession to Manda.

On Thursday, Lauren’s gobsmacked to see Zsa Zsa draped over Peter and immediately begins shouting at him. Peter claims that it was a drunken mistake before reminding her that she dumped him earlier in the day. Peter receives a slap when he calls Lauren an “iceberg” and Lauren slaps Zsa Zsa, too.

With that, a fight breaks out between Lauren and Zsa Zsa until Whitney steps in. Whitney’s attempts at mediation fail, though when she too is dragged into the brawl.

Furious at the ruckus, Lucy asks Zsa Zsa to leave, and as she does, she pours the contents of the punch bowl over Lucy, Whitney and Lauren, grabs a bottle of vodka and walks out. Lauren changes into one of Amira’s tops while Lucy stays in her drenched clothes, through concerned that Leon won’t notice her.

As everyone trashes the flat, Peter asks Lucy to sort the situation but nobody listens to her. It’s only when Leon mentions that a police car has just pulled up that Lucy begins to panic. As the teens flee the flat, Lucy’s left with a trashed room. With everyone gone, Lucy spots a condom in Whitney’s bag and picks it up, just as Leon’s standing in the doorway. Leon asks if she’s going to thank him for his help, before offering to clean up the mess with her.

Lucy’s embarrassed when the condom slips out of her pocket in front of Leon, but he insists that he doesn’t want to take advantage of her. Before long, the pair passionately embrace and head for the bedroom. Post-coital, Leon’s phone vibrates and as he goes to leave, he asks Lucy if she wants to meet up again. When Leon’s gone, Lucy’s visibly distraught by what’s just happened – it’s clear that it was her first time.

Meanwhile, after hearing the shock bombshell, the Mitchells stare at Peggy, prompting DCI Marsden to ask for the allegation to be repeated as it becomes clear that Peggy visited Archie on Christmas Day. Noticing something significant, Marsden presses ahead with her arrest.

Peggy’s taken to the station for questioning and Phil follows up in the car with Shirley who claims that Peggy couldn’t have killed Archie. With that, Phil smiles. Back at the house, Ronnie and Roxy discover Peggy’s divorce papers and realise that Peggy’s still married to Archie and could therefore keep the Vic. The pair then begin to question whether their aunt is, in fact, hiding a secret.

At the station, Peggy confesses to Marsden that she did visit Archie on Christmas Day, but she says he was alive when she walked out of the pub. As Marsden reels off a list of Archie’s wrongdoings to the family, Peggy insists that the Mitchell who accused her isn’t in the best head space at the moment. Admitting that she still loved Archie, Peggy suggests that the police should be talking to Janine. Marsden agrees to let a shaken Peggy go and she walks into the interview room with her accuser. She’s shocked, though, when her accuser reveals their reasoning for their actions.

Back at home, Ronnie and Roxy quiz Peggy about the divorce papers and she admits that she went to see Archie, who agreed that she could have the pub back if she fought him for it as his wife. The trio share a hug and as Peggy insists that Ronnie and Roxy will always be her girls, they’re stunned by the arrival of Glenda, Ronnie and Roxy’s mother…

Elsewhere, Bradley searches for new places for him and Stacey to live while Stacey hides a photo from Jean. Bradley’s keen to leave as soon as possible so that nobody works out the truth, but Stacey wants them to delay their departure. And just as Stacey and Bradley go to tell Jean their secret, Jean mentions that Peggy’s being questioned by the police, prompting Stacey to agree with that Bradley to keep their news a secret.

Also, Peter tries to make amends with Zsa Zsa but it’s clear that she’s looking for someone, and finally, Darren ponders whether to call Libby but Adam suggests that Darren leave Libby alone, before sending Libby a text offering a shoulder to cry on.

On Friday, Ronnie and Roxy are stunned by their mother’s sudden arrival. Glenda explains that she read about Archie’s murder in the paper, but Peggy’s distinctly unimpressed by how long it’s taken her to visit her daughters.

Glenda’s reluctant to go into the details and an upset Roxy wants her to leave. Just as she’s being shown the door, though, a bottle of prescription drugs fall onto the floor. Later, Ronnie insists that they can’t throw Glenda out, while Roxy and Peggy want her to leave. Ronnie suggests that they at least hear her out, and Peggy reluctantly agrees.

As Glenda brings her daughters up to speed on the last number of years, it becomes apparent to them that Archie lied about Glenda’s whereabouts. Ronnie and Roxy are furious with their mother for not making contact sooner, but Glenda defends her actions, insisting that she couldn’t stand for Archie’s controlling nature any longer.

Glenda then drops the bombshell that she’s still married to Archie. Clearly upset, Peggy walks out, followed by Roxy, leaving Ronnie behind. Just as Glenda’s about to leave, Peggy stops her in her tracks and the pair have a heart-to-heart.

Glenda and Peggy talk about old times and Glenda insists that she’s changed – she even shows Peggy the slash marks on her wrist from when she tried to commit suicide. In the kitchen, meanwhile, Ronnie and Roxy ponder whether they should allow their mother back into their lives or throw her out, denying Amy her only grandparent.

After a chat with Peggy, Ronnie and Roxy agree that Glenda should stay around. It doesn’t take long for Glenda to show them exactly what she’s made of, though, as she quickly turns nasty. Realising her mistake, Glenda regains her composure…

Elsewhere, Shirley’s surprised to see her niece Zsa Zsa on her doorstep, and it’s not long before Zsa Zsa presumes that Shirley’s a lesbian when she spots George’s ‘I love my two mums’ babygrow. Also, Zsa Zsa steals the keys to 89b George Street from Peter, and Shirley – fed up by DCI Marsden’s treatment of Phil – makes an anonymous call and tells the person on the other end that she saw Janine kill Archie…

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