Coming up this week on Coronation Street

by Lynn Connolly

On Sunday, a stunned Maria listens as Rosie reveals that she’s already shown the Carla and Liam footage to Tony. With her mind racing, she starts to analyse everything she’s been told and works out that Tony knew about the kiss before he asked Liam to be best man. What does all it all mean?

At The Rovers, Liz suggests to Michelle that she plan a night of romance with Steve so Michelle tells a bemused Steve that she’s cooking dinner. Becky isn’t worried about this development until Liz lets slip that she walked in on Steve and Michelle kissing in the back room. Is Steve ever going to build up the courage to finish things properly with Michelle?

Molly grows increasingly suspicious of Tyrone’s behaviour when she sees him spending more time with Minnie. Unaware that his real reason for talking to Minnie is to sell her cheap perfume, she begins to wonder if something’s going on. He convinces her that he doesn’t fancy Minnie, but just how long can he keep the details of his and Pam’s dodgy dealings a secret?

Peter thinks he and Leanne are getting closer when he invites her round for a pizza and she asks if she can read Simon a story but when Peter moves in for a kiss, Leanne is decidedly cool with him.

In Monday’s 7.30pm episode, Maria hasn’t slept a wink all night. She’s tried calling Tony but his mobile’s switched off so dismayed, frustrated and tormented, she tells Tom that she needs him to help her get to the truth surrounding Liam’s death.

Kevin feels for her when she confides in him that nothing about her husband’s untimely death makes sense. Will she ever got to the bottom of what really happened?

Darryl’s preparing to leave number six as the new tenants are due to arrive today. Teresa, however, has other ideas and isn’t going to give up her home without a fight.

As Darryl walks out of the house, Teresa locks herself in and as the neighbours gather round amused, Darryl desperately tries to persuade his mum to leave the house. The stand-off continues until the new tenants arrive but the Platts amusement at Darryl’s predicament soon turns to horror when they discover that their new next door neighbours are the Windass family.

Emily’s also in for a surprise when she discovers that the community service volunteer she’s been assigned to help out at the hospital is, in fact, Janice. Janice’s initial delight in seeing her neighbour will be supervising her soon fades when she realises Emily’s no soft touch.

Molly, meanwhile, is dismayed when she sees Minnie and Tyrone chatting together again and when she smells Minnie’s perfume, she recognizes it as the one Tyrone smelt of the other day. She quizzes him about his trips to the gym and tries to catch him out by telling him she will join too.

At 8.30pm, there’s a stand-off on the Street as the Platts and Windasses scream abuse at each other. Gail’s stunned when she finally realises who the new family are and Anna says she’d rather sleep rough than live next door to the Platts.

Having eventually gained access to the house, the Windasses finally take possession of number six but Gail’s surprised when Anna turns up at the house and insists that she wants to try and make peace between the two families.

David and Tina are stunned when they return home to find Anna and Gail mid hug and David’s furious that his mother is consorting with the enemy. He’s even more annoyed when she reveals that they’re meeting up for a drink tonight. Will the two mothers of the warring families be able to bring about a truce?

Tyrone’s determined to put Molly off the scent and enrolls the pair of them at a posh gym. Molly watches him as he goes through his paces and it’s obvious to her that he’s never set foot in a gym before. When she discovers how much their membership is costing, she can’t believe it and is more suspicious than ever.

Maria questions Dev about the night of Liam’s death but he can’t tell her anything she doesn’t already know. Tyrone however feels compelled to tell her that Jason reckoned the driver of the car never even swerved or put his brakes on. This is all Maria needs to hear and she seizes on it as proof that Liam’s death was no accident.

Elsewhere, Emily’s pleased with Janice’s progress on the community service programme.

On Wednesday, Molly’s suspicions about Tyrone continue, especially when she discovers that he’s only just joined the gym. She can’t get rid of the niggling feeling that something’s going on and when she sees Minnie in a T-shirt that Tyrone was wearing earlier, she jumps to the conclusion that they’re having an affair.

Molly tells an oblivious Minnie to pass on a message to Tyrone that she’s gone to her dad’s and he needn’t follow but the message gets lost in translation and Tyrone is none the wiser.

Gail defends the plan for the Windasses and the Platts to make friends but Joe agrees with David and doesn’t want to give them the time of day. The two women continue in their attempts to extend an olive branch while Anna tries unsuccessfully to push Eddie into full-time employment.

Audrey and Natasha are determined to take Maria’s mind off recent events but as soon as she arrives at work, she starts telling them one of her theories. Even the customers aren’t immune as she quizzes them about whether they think Tony Gordon’s capable of murder.

Elsewhere, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Norris doesn’t like having Jed around but Jed has no intention of leaving just yet, especially as he now has Tony Gordon in his sights.

The first of Friday’s episodes sees Molly returning to the Duckworths after spending the night at her dad’s but Tyrone’s oblivious to how upset she is until she tells him she knows all about his so-called workouts and his “fancy piece” at the kebab shop.

Tyrone tries in vain to convince her he isn’t having an affair and tells Pam that he’ll have to come clean about the dodgy merchandise.

Molly’s sceptical as they explain about Tyrone stepping in to help Pam out, but they stop short of telling her about him using the money for their dream wedding. Will Molly forgive Tyrone for lying to her?

Steve’s feeling the strain of playing bad boyfriend as a frustrated Michelle struggles yet again to have a civilized conversation with him. Michelle confides in a guilty Becky who tells her that she could do a lot better than Steve, but Michelle makes her feel even more uncomfortable by telling her she just wants the old Steve back and that she misses him.

Audrey’s growing increasingly concerned about Maria’s state of mind and when the distraught widow turns up at the factory and demands the key to Tony’s desk, Fiz has to take her home in an attempt to calm her down. Audrey decides the time has come to get her some medical help.

Elsewhere, Eddie Windass gets a job at Streetcars and Eileen eagerly anticipates the arrival of her father, Colin.

In the 8.30pm episode, as Audrey heads to the medical centre, Fiz is left with Maria who’s increasingly edgy and determined to return to the factory in the hope of raiding Tony’s desk. Fiz pretends she’s going to try to get what Maria wants but goes straight to the medical centre to hurry Audrey up.

By the time the women return to Maria’s house with a doctor, Maria’s disappeared to The Rovers where she’s demanding the keys to Tony and Carla’s flat. Fiz and Audrey manage to persuade her to go home but she refuses to admit that there’s anything wrong with her and sends them all packing.

Meanwhile Tony and Carla have returned from their honeymoon, completely oblivious to Maria’s accusations, until they play the messages on their answer machine.

Tyrone’s devastated as Molly walks out on him and their wedding plans. He tells Pam what’s happened and lays the blame fairly and squarely at her door. Pam’s distraught at the development and tries to make amends but it looks like it is too late for Tyrone and Molly.

Eileen’s dad Colin has still not arrived and when she calls him, he comes up with a ridiculous excuse as to why he’s late but Eileen reckons she knows exactly where to find him. She decides to show him up by taking his dinner to the Rovers where she finds him charming the socks off Rita.

Steve’s lusting after Becky and is desperate to spend some time with her but there’s nothing they can do about it until a chance remark from Michelle about the stench of Ryan’s football kit gives Steve another idea for his bad boyfriend plan.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.