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On Monday, Katie has no sympathy for Andy who’s sporting a black eye from Daz’s punch and she warns him to straighten himself out or risk losing everything. Katie decides to pay a visit to Butlers but fails to convince Jo to allow Andy to see his daughter.

Desperate, Andy begs Daz to help him rebuild his relationship with his daughter and Daz reluctantly agrees. He takes Jo and Sarah to the Woolpack to find that Katie’s helped Andy to organise a special nativity performance.

After everything goes well, Andy misreads Katie’s kindness and kisses her, not realising that Daz has seen it. Katie’s horrified but Andy’s sure he didn’t misread the signals and calls her a tease. Katie’s hurt by Andy’s insult while Daz is in turmoil about what he’s seen.

Meanwhile, Lily’s cagey around her friends when a letter arrives from the hospital. She’s still preoccupied when Edna informs her that they have the money to pay back Lily’s debt, but Lily’s unaware that it’s her sister’s life savings.

Lily begins to heal the wounds of betrayal by paying her friends back, but goes too far in Edna’s eyes by paying for drinks on her credit card as well.

The drinks continue to flow as Rodney takes Lily to one side for an explanation of her frivolous behaviour. Rodney’s concerned when Lily refuses to entertain the idea of booking her operation. Can he talk her round before it’s too late?

On Tuesday, Andy pays dearly for his outburst when Katie terminates his employment and over at Butlers, Daz can’t contain himself any longer and tells a stunned Jo about the kiss.

Later, Jo can’t hide her hurt when Katie pays a visit, assuming her old enemy has come to gloat. Katie tries to explain what happened but Jo’s inconsolable. Believing that she’s a victim of karma, Jo struggles to listen to Katie’s protestations that nothing’s going on.

With emotions running high, the girls end up having a heart-to-heart and Katie sympathises when Jo admits that she wants to move on but can’t bear to leave Sarah. Will Katie convince her former rival that she needs to sever ties with Andy?

Meanwhile, Brenda gets the shock of her life when she spots a shadowy figure sleeping on the sofa at Connelton. Her screams alert Bob and Terry who are bemused to see that it’s only Jamie.

After avoiding the issue for most of the morning, Bob asks Jamie if he’s split from Louise. Jamie flatly denies this and reveals that he came home to escape from the snakes and creepy crawlies that populate Australia. Despite his explanation, Bob and Terry sense something’s wrong and vow to get to the bottom of it. Is Jamie hiding more than he cares to admit?

Also, Pollard and David are overjoyed when it appears the choir are about to quit following a newspaper article that supports another choir. However, Nicola refuses to give in and inspires the choir by making them watch ‘Sister Act 2’. With the villagers back on side, Nicola realises that if they’re going to win, they need a strong soloist to lead the group and fast.

Later, in the pub, Pollard and David are dismayed to hear from Laurel that Nicola’s put her heart and soul into preparing the choir for victory. Has the penny dropped yet that Nicola’s switched sides?

On Wednesday, Pollard and David struggle to understand why Nicola’s ignoring all her natural instincts in order to actually help people. Desperate to get her back on their side, David shows Nicola some information about her dream home, which they could afford with the profits from the church. Nicola’s torn, but when she visits David at the factory later, she overhears Gennie singing.

Shocked at her fantastic voice, Nicola makes Gennie the soloist in the choir and after a rousing rendition of ‘Oh Happy Day’, the choir have been given a new lease of life. Their only problem is that Gennie refuses to sing in public, insisting on performing from a separate room. Can Nicola disguise her defection from David and turn Gennie into a choral superstar?

At Butlers, Jo explains to Daz about the situation with Katie and Andy. When Mick turns up for a shift at the farm, an emotional Jo unburdens to him about her broken life. It’s clear that she’s torn between leaving the village and being there for Sarah.

Later, after hearing Sarah call her ‘mummy’ Jo’s determined to stay in the village when she realises that Sarah truly needs her. Is Jo trapped in the village forever?

Elsewhere, Rodney suggests that Marlon expand his range of culinary opportunities so Marlon decides to distribute flyers advertising his services as an occasional chef.

When Rodney later tells him that an event at Home Farm was successful and has earned Marlon future bookings, it seems like he can do no wrong. Speaking to Paddy, Marlon vows to make a go of a catering company to impress Donna. Will Marlon’s career aspirations finally bear fruit?

In Friday’s one-hour episode, Donna returns and promises Ross that she’ll tell Marlon their marriage is over but Marlon’s thrilled to have his wife home and Donna has to cover when he picks up on her lack of enthusiasm.

When he shows her around his new delivery van for meals, Donna bursts into tears, preparing to tell her husband the truth. However, when they break down after going for a ride in the van, Donna can’t break his heart and instead, finds herself kissing him passionately.

After spending the day with Marlon, Donna informs Ross that she hasn’t been able to tell him about their affair, which leaves Ross unsure as to where he stands.

Meanwhile, Laurel tries to persuade Gennie to rejoin the choir by offering to help her with her nerves. After roping in Ashley, who in turns asks Lily to contribute her knowledge of relaxation techniques used to battle arthritis, they set about transforming Gennie.

Lily begins with some breathing exercises, but an unimpressed Nicola takes over and brings the choir together for some team building. With Gennie still nervous, Nicola and Laurel resort to emotional blackmail and finally persuade their reluctant starlet. Is the choir now primed for victory?

Elsewhere, Bob’s still convinced that something bad happened between Louise and Jamie. Meanwhile, Jamie listens to a voicemail message left on the B&B phone by Louise.

Annoyed that Terry and Bob have been leaving urgent messages for Louise, Jamie intends to give them a piece of his mind but when he tries to leave, Jamie realises a snake has found it’s way into the B&B and calls Bob for help.

Unfortunately for Jamie, Bob’s fear of snakes cause him desert his son but he returns two hours later with Terry and Brenda in tow.

After Brenda deals with the snake, Jamie admits that he was hounded out of Australia after getting into a fight with the nation’s favourite celebrity, ‘Hoppy the Roo’. Can Jamie settle back into village life without Louise?

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