Coronation Street: Becky McDonald to lose little Max

by Anna Howell

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for the poor McDonald family…

Jim (Charlie Lawson) has been banged up for armed robbery, so he is, and Liz (Beverly Callard) left the cobbles this week. Steve (Simon Gregson) and Becky (Katherine Kelly) have already lost custody of Steve’s daughter, Amy, to her mother, Tracy (Kate Ford) because she knows about their secret purchase of Becky’s nephew, Max, form her sister Kylie (Paula Lane) and now they are set to lose custody of Max too.

Since her return from abroad a few weeks ago, Kylie has had Becky on the edge of her seat, wondering what the manipulative new Mrs Platt’s intentions are with son Max.

Well, as we all know, Kylie is not so interested in playing happy families and seems to care very little about her son, about anyone in fact, until she met David.

However in an up and coming storyline David tells Kylie that he thinks Max should be with them, and when trying get him back, local social services become involved and take the boy into care, leaving Steve and Becky (mainly Becky) devastated.

But it gets worse, not understanding the situation or why the boy has been taken into care rather than being returned to them, Kylie tells David about the ‘sale’ and this ammunition is far too tempting for Mr Platt who then attempts to use against the crumbling McDonald empire.

With Steve and Becky completely broke, how could this ammunition be used? We know the pub is due for a new landlady, but could it be signed over to the Platt’s in a bid to keep them quiet? What with his grandmother already happily signing over the salon to him, it would seem that David has got the hang of making people do what he wants. Could this be the cobbles version of Ian Beale in the making?